#1,764 Boots + Pancakes.

Today was sort of tough. We’re both feeling spread pretty thin this week with all of our work commitments and getting the house and yard fluffed up for our impending visitors. There’s not a lot to say today outside of:

The cheapo Just Fab boots came in. And I think they’re pretty fab. The sherpa sheds inside, but otherwise… I think they’re gonna work.

After a really long work day, we had a late supper at Cracker Barrel with Josh and Em where a couple of hot, buttery pancakes and corn muffins smoothed right over the stress. Per usual, Ben got stuck in the black hole that is the Cracker Barrel store.

The end.


Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,764 Boots + Pancakes.

  1. That picture of Ben is completely adorable and your shoes look indeed Fab! Take care not to spread yourself too thin, because one of my colleagues seems to be doing the same thing right now and that's just painful to see, especially knowing that it's almost harder to come back from. Take care!

    Since I'm a tad lazy, I'm commenting here on your blog from yesterday: your mom doesn't look her age. Job well done by her, I'd say!

  2. Ha, love that pic of Ben! Garrett always wants to stop at Cracker Barrel when we're in the US. He made us stop twice on the Salem trip last year (it was only a 4 day trip!) and a few more times on the honeymoon r(I finally got around to trying the breakfast….oh my, it was as good as you said).

  3. What a cute picture of Ben! Please take care of yourself – perhaps some rest over the weekend is in order??

    – Talia 🙂
    ps: cute boots!

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