#1,752 Loblolly + Beat Bama.

Let me start by saying:

Mississippi is the best in the land of college football today. State beat Texas A&M at home… But College GameDay was in Oxford for the Ole Miss/Bama game… And we won. WE BEAT BAMA. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

And the only one on the show who called it for Ole Miss was the guest, Katy Perry. Who is currently having herself a big time in Oxford tonight at a certain bar on the Square called Funky’s.

I’m so proud of my state! Hotty toddy! I hope my father is alive. He was there in person for the game. I have not heard from him since the win, and he might have stroked out.

In other news, it was just about the best day ever. Loblolly Festival! We finally got to hang out with Michael Foster and his darling wife, Brianna since they actually came down south from Oxford to take tintype photographs at the festival. I spent most of the day there, hustling friends over to take photos, watching the whole photo developing process, and hanging out with everyone in downtown. I haven’t been this exahusted in years (truly), so I’m letting the photos do most of the talking tonight:

There was a lot of this:

 Laura and Ross completely sold out of all the pottery she made for the festival. Such beautiful work!

Oddly, us 4 former coworkers accidently convened on 5th Avenue at the exact same moment. Sam was there to get his portrait done, James and Shannon just wandered up. What are the odds?

But seriously, y’all. Those tintypes. This is how it happens. You get positioned just so, with a brace to hold your head steady.

He puts a thin, small piece of sheet metal in a chemical bath for a few minutes and when the time is right, he rushes out of the dark room with it and puts it inside the camera. He covers his head with the black cloak to see the subject on the viewfinder (upside down), gets it perfectly in focus, then either snaps an instant photo with the flash… Or you have to be completely, perfectly still for 3 seconds while the lens captures the image without a flash.

The metal plate gets rushed back into the darkroom and goes into another chemical bath that turns the metal into a negative instantly. Everything red turns black, everything blue turns white. A few moments later, it’s ready for the final process:

And then it’s waxed and preserved. These tin photographs will last 200 years. Long after you and I are gone. Is that not the coolest?

Even the mayor had one done… And his might have been my favorite all day.

After the crowds were gone, Michael took some new official portraits of Ben and I for the Lucky Luxe website that I am DYING to share with you… But we don’t actually get to have them quite yet. He’s going to be mailing them to us after he cures and waxes them. It was such an amazing experience. I feel like I time traveled today by looking into the lens of that camera.
And after a long, long, long day downtown, we took our favorite 19th century photographers for waffles and omelettes at Huddle House.
We became fast friends, and were all really sad to see them leave. I so hope they’ll come back and visit one day!
Last but not least, the high today was 70 degrees. A cold front came through last night. We wore sweaters and boots and jackets and we DID NOT SWEAT, NOT ONCE, NOT AT ALL. 
What I’m saying is, today might as well have been Christmas. Just ask anyone from Mississippi.


Saturday, October 4th, 2014

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9 thoughts on “#1,752 Loblolly + Beat Bama.

  1. It was a great fall day in East TN too and this morning we turned on the heat. It got down near freezing! A disappointing loss to Florida but the UT fans sure are happy that Bama got beat!

    I always wondered why no one ever smiled in those old photos…..maybe because you can't hold a smile that long.


  2. I love tintype pics. In all the time I lived in/near Laurel I never made it to a loblolly festival..Looks like you guys had a good time!

  3. My husband was watching the game last night and I told him you and your family were going to be going joyously crazy!! So glad it happened that way – waiting for the call at the end was a drag, but it worked out perfectly! Yay!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful fall day in Mississippi!

    I am just in love with those tintype photos. I had no idea that there were still companies that do that. I'm already on the hunt for someone who does them up in our neck of the woods.

  5. I thought of you Sat night!! We watched the very, very end of the Ole Miss/Bama game and Shaun was freaking out with excitement to see you all win! Such an exciting game!

  6. What a fun festival. Looks like a gorgeous day for it. It was 50 and raining here in Ohio, but it is the best time of year so it's okay with me. I love the tintype photos. Would love to get one of my son with my son. I'm going to google it and see if there is anywhere close that does it here in Ohio. Lucy is so cute in her pic.

  7. Thanks so much, y'all! I'll happily take your congratulations. Ole Miss rarely has a winning streak like this, and I'm going to bask in it for a minute!

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