#1,734 The Bedtime Routine.

This is probably silly—but I love my bedtime routine. I look forward to it all day. There’s not much about my life that’s very routine until the rest of the city is sleeping and I’m just starting the process of turning off my non-stop brain and just being at HOME. There’s a great comfort in sharing a home with someone who knows your routines and helps you with them every single night. It begins with Ben running a bath for me, and tonight it included some brand new bath goodies (and my old fall favorite—Spiced Apple Rapture):

After a good apricot scrubbing, I put on my favorite Garnier moisturizer (which is now sadly discontinued) while Ben takes his shower that makes the house smell like his spicy, wonderful C.O. Bigelow shower gel:

I take out my contacts and brush my teeth (Aquafresh only!):

Then a little dab of Midnight Recovery around my eyes (it’s never too early!):

Then my pajamas—a stolen t-shirt from Ben’s closet:

Then the blog. Good, bad, ugly or fantastic—I have to write down my favorite thing about the day:

Then to bed. Which two nights a week, means freshly washed bed linens that smell like Gain and feel so cold, crisp, and smooth—I struggle to stay awake to read the moment I cover up:


I tuck my baby blanket under my left arm:

I put on my Tutti Dolci sugar wafer lip gloss (I’ve still got my stash left from 2004). I read Streams in the Desert no matter what, and the Bible verses that go with each devotion, and I try my best to read a little junk before I fall asleep, too:

But Ben only makes it through about 2 pages a night. It takes him a very long time to finish a book:

Good night, sweet readers. I wish freshly laundered sheets and sweet dreams for all of you.


Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Daily Journal

11 thoughts on “#1,734 The Bedtime Routine.

  1. Seriously, we are so much alike! {except for the fact that I am old enough to be your Mum!} I have a nightly ritual that is so comforting – the perfect end to my days. And it is much like yours!

    Your blog always makes me smile. Thank you for that!

    – Talia 🙂

  2. Oooh that Bath and Body Stress Relief foam bath is my favorite!!! Except I love the Vanilla Verbena and they don't make it anymore, so I have been buying bulk stashes of it off Ebay. 🙂 I also love my nightly baths. Best way to end the day!

  3. Erin, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who still sleeps with their baby blanket. Mine is a portion of an old thermal one. If it is not nearby, I have trouble sleeping. Thank you for the wonderful blog. You make my day.

    • I have to tell you this then because you'll understand! That's actually not THE original blanket—I bought a replacement for the real one that's made of the same materials a few years ago because my actual baby blanket was falling to pieces completely and I've got it stashed away in my closet now. Ha!

    • LOL. I do know what you mean. They don't make thermal blankets quite like they used to. I see others out there but not quite like mine. This one has the weave of old thermal underwear. The one I have used to have the soft, satiny binding I see on yours. But that came off a long time ago. (((HUGS)))

  4. There is something so soothing about nighttime routines. Just reading about yours is making me sleepy, ha!
    Mine right now includes a minty beeswax lip balm from a beekeeper here in Ontario and Desert Essence Hand Cream in Pumpkin Spice (seriously yum!).
    How are you liking Outliers? I found it totally fascinating.

    • Outliers is SO GOOD! I've been fascinated beginning to end and waking Ben up to tell him the revelations I keep reading. How can I get some of this hand cream?!

  5. My bedtime ritual consists of getting rid of the contacts, crawling into bed with a good book or some crosswords (I do love my crosswords), talking with my boyfriend about today and tomorrow (and sometimes further tomorrows to come) and falling asleep while cuddling our plush animals (of which we've got a lot). Isn't it great to fall asleep while hugging something and someone so comforting?

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