#1,733 Sunday.

Another beautiful, cool, crisp morning called for plein air breakfast again.

And even though the afternoon warmed up quite a bit from yesterday’s startlingly cool weather—it was perfect for a long walk around the neighborhood with Jim and Lucy on his bike.

And it was so good for my heart to take that walk. Do you find that walking makes many problems seem smaller? I sure do. I’ll have to remind myself of that in the morning when I’d rather sleep than take the dogs downtown.


Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,733 Sunday.

  1. These words are exactly what I needed to read in today's early daylight hours. Thank you for taking the time to post each day!

  2. I love looking at picture of the homes in Laurel. The architecture is so beautiful and there is so much charm. I would take long walks too if I could look at all of that beauty!

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