#1,707 The New Luxe Logo.

Well, I’ve broken up with the old Lucky Luxe logo after all these years. It was great while it lasted. But there’s a new LL in town.

Also, I saw Nikki today and she gave me a new, darker color for fall. Which isn’t here yet, which I am forcing anyway. I love how she makes me feel like a brand new person every 6 weeks!


Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,707 The New Luxe Logo.

  1. Love the new logo! It seems to bring everything together. I painted my nails a darker color today in hopes that fall would come faster!

  2. Love the new logo! And, the hair is so cute! I am a big fan of short hair sporting a pixie cut myself.

    – Talia 🙂

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