#1,692 Design Sponge + Book Talk.

So, our house was on Design Sponge today which is kind of a dream.

Click here to see the full house tour, finally!

Which makes me wonder if any of you reading this are here because of it, which makes me wonder what new friendships will come from this? That’s so exciting, isn’t it?

There was this other thing… I also got a phone call today at work from Kim, a really lovely literary agent in New York, who’s interested in pursuing a possible book deal with Ben and I. We’re going to begin working together on some ideas for this book, a proposal, that she can present to publishers. What will this book be about exactly? Design, home, life, love, faith? That is yet to be determined. Is this real life?

So please tell me. Why do you read Make Something Good Today? What posts do you remember and like the most? I need your help!

Say a prayer for us, if you think of it? It’s a wild and weird week, friends, with lots of twists and turns ahead.


Monday, August 4th, 2014

Daily Journal

27 thoughts on “#1,692 Design Sponge + Book Talk.

  1. I read your blog every day! I love it all. I have the loveliest life and I like hearing about your, very different, but also lovely life. My favorite posts are about your house and your town.

  2. Your blog is my reason for getting up in the morning (due to time differences). I'm nuts about your love-and-life-stories with Ben and the dogs, though I also greatly appreciate the turning-a-house-into-a-home-blogs (I found your blog through Hooked on Houses). You're even my reason for blogging myself, hoping that if I can inspire at least one other person, I'll be glad.

    I can also proudly say that I follow the Lucky Luxe-posts with much enthusiasm (combined the Lucky Luxe blog itself) and will happily badger my boyfriend once he pops the question into at least getting your Save the Date-postcards.

    You just happen to be my daily inspiration (don't blush). Thanks for that!

  3. I read your blog because of you. You have such a love of life. You live life to the fullest everyday and have such an appreciation for your family, friends and town. You seem to not take all the wonderful gifts for granted. I don't read any other blogs. Your blog is so personal. I love it!

  4. Congratulations! I think this is evidence that you are doing exactly what you are called to do. I read every day, even if I don't comment. It's weird, but I consider you a friend even though we've never met.

    This is one of the first things I do every day. You help remind me to see the good in the every day little things and try to cultivate a spirit of gratitude. I love your house, but like to hear about you and Ben and your family and friends. On the internet filled with flashy and shiny and loud and self-centered, you are a quiet, genuine voice. And you are using your gifts to make the world, however big or small, a better place. Your faith is evident without being pushy

    Thanks for being "here" to bring a little good into my day.


  5. Yours is the first blog I read every morning. I like starting my day on a positive note. I love your posts because they are about everyday life. Your marriage, your dogs, your home, your wonderful town, and you. A lot of the blogs I use to read seem to be more interested in selling products for companies. I want to read about people's lives and homes. I get exactly that from you making something good everyday. A book… I would LOVE to read it!

  6. As with the other comments, I read your blog every morning. I read several others as well and generally stick with those that inspire positivity. Your hours is much like mine, comfy, casual and country so while it is nice to see, what brings me back each day is you. Your committment to your family, your husband and God. A previous comment said "without being pushy"
    and I agree. The most refreshing piece is that we can "feel/see" your faith working in your life without you even mentioning it. It is clear Ben loves you and your relationship is solid. You are vulnerable and real. I am sure most will even say we all love your friends as well. So, in short – I read the blog because you are touching many lives without even knowing it. Last year, I had major surgery for cancer. I read your blog every day and vowed to take my own trip to NY. We did and we used your trip as a guide, booked a brownstone – the whole thing. Thought of you every day. Keep doing what you are doing. You are very special.

  7. I read you every morning not for just one reason but because your blog is a perfect storm of things that matter to/interest me: God, faithful hope and optimism, family, friendship, small-town life, food, and love of dogs, all presented by a very talented graphic and interior designer and great writer who is funny and self-deprecating, who has a gorgeous house and knows how to count her blessings, even in times of trouble! Lots of blogs have some of these elements – yours has them all. A book? Of course! Yay!


  8. From Talia…

    In all honesty, your blog is the very first I visit every morning. I love your optimism, admire your relationship with your husband, find your faith inspiring and always leave feeling like life is good! Your home is lovely and finding you on Hooked on Houses was a blessing to me!

    I am older than you, but truly feel like you are a friend. I cheer your successes and feel a bit protective when someone or something isn't right in your life.

    Thank you for your blog and a book? Well of course! Yippee! {clapping for you}

  9. I'm a long-time reader from Ohio and I have to say that I absoutely agree with everyone else on the things they love about your blog, but the post I always come back to was the one that described your fears about having kids.

    I'm a mom now (2 boys!), but before my husband and I took the leap and decided to go for it, I had a lot of the same fears. Not many people have the bravery to give those fears a voice. Thank you for your honesty!

  10. I read it because I'm from Laurel but I live in Jackson, and it is a daily piece of home away from home. I read blogs during my lunch break at my desk, and yours is always the first I read. It just makes me happy, and it motivates me to take time to enjoy the simple things. I love the little revival that you and others have created in Laurel for the young people.

  11. Every morning I follow up my devotional with your blog. I love how your blog and life radiate goodness and God and how you celebrate the little moments as well as the larger ones. You seem to start my day off on a positive note. Also, I'm from Laurel and just moved so it's refreshing to see tidbits of my hometown from the eyes of someone who loves it just as much as I do!

  12. I'm new to your blog. I found you over on Design Sponge, which I have followed for years. I'm so glad you were featured. Ever since – yesterday 🙂 – I can't get enough of your blog and instagram account. I think what drew me in most, after getting past the absolutely gorgeous pictures of your home, is your faith. Your life lived and documented for everyone to see radiates love for your husband, your pets, your home, your town, your family, but most of all, your God. Seeing and reading about the wonderful things that are going on in your life and marriage is a testament to what steadfast faith can bring into your life, many blessings and opportunities to share your faith.

    I'm not far into your blog yet, so I have all kinds of posts to look forward to catching up on. Your talent is beautiful. One day I would love to place an order. Until then I'll be praying that hopefully someday soon I'll have a reason to do just that. Good luck with the book opportunity. I would definitely buy it. I can't wait to hear more details.

    Good is good, all the time 🙂
    Looking forward to following you and your sweet family in the days/months/years to come.


  13. I read your blog because you are interesting and unique, and so is each of your stories. The way you share your life with all of us is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. Your dogs, your house, your hubby, your love for him, and his for you! It makes me smile daily. It truly is something good!

  14. Where do I start?? You know I read your posts over breakfast in the morning, and it kind of sets the tone for my day. I literally check the forecast and then yours is the next Bookmark on my iPad. I most especially love your "real" posts where you're transparent about disappointments, fears, or what you're fretting over. After those, I love your home posts and "a day in the life" where you outline an entire day. Couple all those with great pics, and it's a total package of food for the soul. Love seeing Ben's pics, like the one of you making meatballs the other day. Love the seasonal decorating update pics. Love…it all. – Jen

  15. I read your blog because you and Ben are awesome and y'all believe in Laurel the same way we do! I love calling this place home. So proud of the growing friendship between our little families. See ya at supper club!


  16. Erin, I ditto all the other comments made about your blog. Your blog has a real homey feel to it. It puts me in a good, calm place. Your book should be about all the things you mentioned-those are the things you are passionate about. Just be you. Obviously, that is what attracted the literary. How exciting.

    Pat in Chicago

  17. Erin, I started reading your blog this year… I think. I came across your blog from acquaintances who live in Laurel. I think you do a great job writing about everyday life. When you wrote about your midnight walk and living in the moment, I really related to that and it made me appreciate the moments in my life that I will look back on as fond memories. 🙂 Oh and I also like your home renovation and travel entries.

    Lindsey (Lives in KS but from good 'ole MS)

  18. I've read and loved your blog for the past few years. It's a little slice of positivity that I look forward to each and every day. I think I just love the simplicity and beauty of it all. Your take on every day life has made me slow down and enjoy things a little more. I think it is admirable that you have such strong faith and family values; two traits often overlooked (sadly) today. I wouldn't limit your book to just one thing, your everyday life is what makes this blog so enjoyable!

    Keep doing what you are doing! I feel so close to y'all 🙂

  19. Erin, I found your blog when your home was featured on "hooked on homes". But I kept reading your blog because what sets you apart from other "décor" blogs (I know that's not specifically what your blog is about, but that's what I typically read) is the spirit of your home, not just the rooms of your house. There's such a difference between those two…and the difference really does come through with you. I love…LOVE…that you seem so genuinely HAPPY with your life…you consistently make remarks about how grateful you are…how much you love Ben, your hometown, your family, your friends, your church. It always leaves me with a warm feeling inside, and a reminder of, "Oh, yeah…this is how our journey is supposed to be". Sometimes, I feel a little silly reading your blog on a regular basis…I am probably at least 20 years older than you are…haha…but your optimism and faith/hope as well as the appreciation to the 'small things'…well, who doesn't want to be around that?? 🙂 God bless you and yours.

  20. I found your blog completely by accident and since I'm originally from Laurel (well, Myrick but no one outside of the area knows about Myrick!) it's been really fun seeing pictures of places I know and sometimes people I know.

    The more I read the more your family seemed familiar to me and sure enough when I saw a pic of your brother it all fell into place. Clark and I graduated the same year from NEJ and played basketball together for a few years as well. That just made me even more interested in your story.

    It really is a small world and even through I live in North Carolina now reading your blog gives me that dose of Laurel which I didn't even realize I missed. I spent most of my youth looking forward to leaving and I've been out of MS now for close to a 13 years there are times I just want to be back and wrapped in those familiar streets, sounds and smells that are unique to South Mississippi.

    I've been a daily reader now for a month or so and I don't think that will change anytime soon :-).

  21. I read your blog every day because I really enjoy you and Ben, your small town, friends, parents, and just how you guys live!

  22. I read your blog because I think we're kindred spirits. It's crazy, really. I'm a graphic designer living in Alabama with a half pyr and a soft spot for historic districts and home improvement. I love your blog as a way to remain grateful for all the little things, and big.

  23. How funny that so many people have an early-morning ritual of reading your blog! I guess I'm one of those, too. I was initially drawn in by the images of your lovely home and town (which, truly, I just can't get enough of), but what really keeps me coming back is the way you find beauty in small things and have such profound gratitude for them. I love the photos and reflections on something as simple as a pan of biscuits or a good cup of coffee…it helps me be more aware of the small moments of grace in my own day to day.

    Above all, your commitment to the things you treasure — faith, family, community, home — is inspiring; as I've grown, I've found that nothing matters more to me than these, and it's wonderful to see how you celebrate and cherish them in small ways every day.

    Thanks for the chance to share! Excited to see what lies on the road ahead for you —

  24. I, too, read your blog first thing as I sit down and start my day behind this computer. I relate to it in so many ways because I am also a graphic designer and almost live vicariously through you. I have the same taste as you, in home decor and holding on to nostalgic pieces etc. I am in love with the "classic America" vibe that you and Ben portray in your photos and your peaceful spirit that exudes through your blog posts. I look forward to meeting you one day, since I am only a hop, skip and jump away in Raymond, MS.

  25. You guys. I can't begin to explain what all this encouragement from each one of you has meant to me today. I want to hug all of you! I'm so glad we're friends!

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