#1,689 The Internet.

Because of the internet, I started a blog from my little desk at my day job for my freelance design work in 2008. I called my freelance work ‘Lucky Luxe.’

Because of the Lucky Luxe blog, a notable wedding photographer from NY contacted me asking for the handkerchief save-the-dates she saw I had done on the blog. She found me because of the StumbleUpon app, that the internet can put on your web browser.

Because I did those save-the-dates for her and she shared them with the masses on her website, the next morning I had 50 emails in my ‘[email protected]…’ inbox asking for the hanky save-the-dates.

Because I was getting so many requests for them, I started making myself a real website for Lucky Luxe with my very crippled knowledge of web design and iWeb on my cubicle computer.

Because the website started getting shared on blogs, I started getting orders from all over the world.

Because I stopped having time to eat dinner or wash clothes after my day job because I was working on Lucky Luxe, I began to consider leaving my day job.

Because I prayed about it and cried about it for nearly a year, I read this devotional and it told me in black and white what my heart had been screaming all along.

Because I knew it was time, I turned in my notice and left my day job in December 2009.

Because January 1, 2010 was my very first day of self-employment, terrified and optismitically, I began a blog to help me only document good things every single day.

Because of the blog, eventually I started making connections with people passing through my microscopic corner of the internet, and our house was featured on Hooked on Houses.

Because of Hooked on Houses, Lisa found this blog and sent me an email the night before her mastectomy.

Because of that email, we began praying for one another, and a friendship was made.

Because of that friendship, we stay in touch almost daily, we share our sorrows and joys, our funny stories and pictures.

Because Lisa is my (insomniac) friend that I run to when I need to vent or I need the right words or I need advice, we can talk on the phone on the porch at midnight.

Because of the internet, my life is sweeter. It gave me a career and a life worth writing about each day. Because it gave me a friend in each of you, dear readers.


Friday, August 1st, 2014

Daily Journal

8 thoughts on “#1,689 The Internet.

  1. Because of your blog and your oh-so-successful Lucky Luxe business, you have helped inspire me to finally (after 5 years of only freelancing) to begin my own little journey on a tiny corner of the internet. So..thank YOU!

  2. Because of the internet, I found a fellow Southern belle that loves Fall, candles, vintage anything, historic homes, cleaning house, cooking, and many, many other things just as much as I do. And HER story of chasing happiness and joy on a daily basis has given me a whole lot of power. Thank you, Mr. Kahn and Mr. Cerf, for inventing said internet. (I Googled that. Sounded pretty smart, didn't I?) – Jen

  3. Because of the internet, I stumped upon an beautiful home with inspiring people who lived in inside – that I now consider some of my dearest friends.

    Because of those friends, we were able to plan a truly wonderful honeymoon exploring some amazing places along the way.

    Because of that visit, I've had the chance to meet so many great people from Laurel both in person and through their thoughtful emails and comments. If it wasn't for our families being up here, Garrett and I would make the 1200 mile move down there in a heartbeat.

    P.S. – Tell Big Ben that we made his sweet tea recipe for my family coming over tonight.

  4. Because of the internet, I found out that I could consider moving from the big city to a small town where people still sit on there front porches, attend church picnics, respect and admire their elders, make desserts from scratch and jog at night. I really enjoy reading your blog Erin. Keep up the good work and give yourself a pat on the back for taking that risk.

    Pat in Chicago

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