#1,686 Lipstick + Lunch with Mama + Dinner with Trests.

Lately, I’ve been going through a lipstick thing. I really like wearing bold, red lipstick. Not every day, but for night time events and every now and then… It just feels right in the daytime, too. It makes me feel like I look less like my brother and daddy, which is always nice when you’re a girl.

Last night I discovered that Forever 21 sells makeup and I found the best shade of red lipstick called Brick. It was just $3, which I really appreciate.

Do you ever wear red lipstick? If you don’t, you should try it. You’ll feel fancy and girly in all the right ways.

Mama and I had a little lunch date at one of my favorites on the next block from my studio, Cafe La Fleur (Amanda—can I get an amen?) and stopped in the Antique Mall next door to pick up a couple things afterward. It’s hard to get away for a beach weekend like we did when I was in college, but this is a pretty good substitute.

And tonight after work, we spent the evening with Jim and Mal at Dawn and Michael’s, who invited us over for a wonderful dinner. King ranch chicken casserole, salad and pear cake. We all stayed up, playing with the kids, listening to old records, talking about travel and ministry and Laurel, and before we knew it, we were up way later than we meant to be and said our goodbyes with full bellies and tired eyes.

Lucy entertained us with her latest joke (she gets it from her daddy):

It felt like fall outside tonight all of a sudden, and I realized a cold front is coming through all week. What a blessing!

I’m so thankful for every one of you who called, texted and left comments on yesterday’s post. I really do consider you all friends, and I don’t think you realize what a positive impact your remarks have on me when I’m feeling low. Love y’all.


Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Daily Journal

10 thoughts on “#1,686 Lipstick + Lunch with Mama + Dinner with Trests.

    • I believe it was on Southern Weddings IG post on the story of you. I clicked and haven't stopped reading since! I live in WA state now, but grew up in Slidell, La..then later in NC. We always spend tons of time in Miss, Bama and Ga and I had never even been to Laurel. Now I'm trying to convince husband we need to move there. What an adorable wonderful town it seems to be! Maybe one day! 🙂

  1. Talia said…

    I love lipstick and lately have been sporting a bright pink – an instant mood lifter!

    Little Lucy is precious!

  2. Loved Cafe La Fleur! I need to figure out what spice it is they put on the cooked veg – maybe lemon pepper? It was so good.
    There was a chance my in-laws were going to be passing by Laurel next week on their way up from New Orleans to the world's longest yard sale, but the route changed. My mother-in-law was so looking forward to checking out Southern Antiques after I gushed about it when we got back. She wants one of those Sweet Tea candles, ha!

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