#1,664 Cold Water Challenge.

Have the people you know been dumping ice water on their heads lately to raise money for charities? That’s what’s going on around our church, and Ben accepted his challenge from our friend Ross today. He’s giving $10 to Stop Hunger Now, and the people he challenges have to take the ice water plunge and donate $10 to the charity they choose, or don’t and pay $100 to Ben’s choice. It’s kind of fun to aggressively throw freezing water on someone.


Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Daily Journal

2 thoughts on “#1,664 Cold Water Challenge.

  1. Like I said, I'm just now revisiting the blogs with videos and stuff and I can't get over how Ben sounds. I always imagined him with a deeper voice, but this one kind of fits more 🙂 The Bucket Challenge (as it's called here) is still very much going on in Belgium, but I'm very glad it hasn't reached me yet. I just donated to the ALS fund, which was what it was all about right?

    • Ahahaha! Ben will be sad you think his voice isn't deep. 😉 This was before the ice bucket challenges went so viral and it was for ALS specifically–before all that you could donate to whatever charity you want.

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