#1,636 UMYF at the Napiers.

This is a photo of my breakfast for no other reason than: it looked so cheerful to me.

Moving on.

We hosted the youth group and parents at our house tonight for a pre-trip meeting about Lake Junaluska and I was amazed by how well it went. We’ve never had that many people in our house at once, except maybe for supper club that one time.

And I learned a new skill today. Since Ben was leading the meeting, he got the grill going for me then trusted me to cook the sausage and hot dogs. I didn’t burn anything, or leave anything raw. Success!

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Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#1,636 UMYF at the Napiers.

  1. I'm so excited that you guys are going to Lake Junaluska! I spent a few weeks of my UMYF days there and LOVED it. Can't wait to see photos of such a beautiful place.

    Have you guys ever been to Ghost Town in the Sky? Spooooky place, but we always spent a day there.

  2. Ahhhh we love it there! We've gone every summer for the last 10 years so if you search it on my blog, you'll see lots of photos. Never been to Ghost Town.. Not sure it's still open anymore actually.

  3. I spy a St. Augustine souvenir! All our stuff is still in a suitcase from the trip – except that Sweet Tea candle. You better believe that thing was out the first night we got home.

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