#1,617 Illustrating.

I’ve never considered myself to be much of an illustrator. I always feel like I should make a disclaimer about that as well as the fact that I am not crafty—it seems like I should be, but no. I don’t do much with my hands. But a lot of people have complimented the quirky and grossly inaccurate watercolor I made of our house that hangs in our dining room and when I was at mama’s house the other day I had an idea. A friend of hers had sent a thank you note that had a realistic charcoal drawing of her house and their address on the front of the card. They live in a beautiful mediterranean on 6th Avenue. And I thought “Hey! I’d like some notecards with our house and address on em. I could do that with that janky watercolor I did way back.” And now… I think I’m going to offer off-kilter house portraits in our shop in a few days! My mama is my first guinea pig, so I started an illustration of the house I grew up in tonight.

It’s not quite finished and the windows need some filling in, but I really did enjoy using my hands. And the art degree my parents paid dearly for.
The blog has a new look. What do you think? Woo! Summer!


Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Daily Journal

10 thoughts on “#1,617 Illustrating.

  1. I really like the new look, but not all the pictures are clearly visible (I can only see about a quarter if that of the photograph of the house). Don't know if that's supposed to be that way?

    • How strange! I've checked on all our computers and Jennifer just checked on hers and her iPad too and didn't have any trouble. Could you tell me what you're viewing on? Thanks, friend!!

    • I'm just checking in on Internet Explorer (Belgian/European version, maybe that changes something?). The next post was completely normal, though.

  2. I tried to comment on yesterday's blog and it wouldn't let me. I like the first lantern you listed. Love the crackled glass effect.

    You are quite talented as an artist. The things you do when you just sit down and start to draw I couldn't do if it was paint by number! Looking forward to seeing your final product!


    • Me too! I ordered them yesterday so hopefully they'll look good on the shop. 🙂

      You're so sweet! It's a little wobbly and wonky, but it was fun to sketch up!

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