#1,565 Walk it Out + Piril.

Friday afternoons are becoming something I look forward to all week long because Clark is off work, and he, Walker and mama come to our house for lunch. Last week we took a walk that put Walker into a coma, so today Clark wanted to see if we could make lightning strike twice. I wasn’t sure if I was feeling up to a walk quite yet, but since my physical therapist insisted it would be great for me as long as I didn’t strain, I went for it. And we walked a whole mile!

Please, please. Disregard my awful hair.

And I’ve been waiting with bated breath for Piril and Igno’s wedding suite to come back from my pressman so we could get it shipped to NYC by April 3. I’ve never shipped such a huge or opulent order before. It took 3 boxes, weighing in at 65 pounds! I can’t imagine what a gorgeous event their wedding will be! It took my breath to see all the pieces come together. I drew tiny little icons of some of the landmarks for their wedding weekend and this Delft blue and silver foil map card is my favorite thing of all, I think:

By 6:00 tonight I fully realized that I’d overdone it 2 days post-op. We heated up the chicken spaghetti Annalee brought by this afternoon and it turns out cheesy chicken and noodles + pajamas can fix any ache or pain.


Friday, March 28th, 2014

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  1. I have been getting regular text AND voice and in person reports from your biggest supporter and worrier. But just read it all so I know what's up. You have been in my prayers and today I could not quit thinking of you and fam when Jeff preached on hardship and how God uses people who have been through hardship to comfort others. You just lived a sermon, honey! Much love from our house to yours!

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