#1,555 Early Surprise.

Exciting news… Our new Tahoe arrived on an 18 wheeler late tonight! We went joy riding for an hour and are tickled to death. I forgot to take a picture of the outside because I was busying marveling over the heated seats. Here’s the view:

We got busy right away junking it up with our phone chargers. 
I promise I’m not materialistic. But we’ve seriously wanted a truck like this forever. Since they were brand new when we were in college, we’ve been admirers. Dreams really do come true. On eBay.


Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Daily Journal

2 thoughts on “#1,555 Early Surprise.

  1. Heated seats are the best! I never had them until we bought a used Suburban with them and now I am totally hooked.

    We bought our Suburban from Car Max sight unseen as well….my husband found it online and it was in Pennsylvania. It arrived, we drove it around and bought it. Only car we tested and we love it.

    Enjoy your new ride!


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