#1,517 Housekeeping.

After a morning spent packaging 20,000 meals at the Stop Hunger Now event at church, I was so tired. I came home to clean house and cut vegetables for the salad I took to Clark’s birthday party at mama’s tonight and I was acutely aware of how much I enjoyed those simple tasks. With the sun pouring through the windows past our neighbors’ mediterranean cottage next door, I felt very happy to just be at home. Doing nothing, really.

I wish I had taken pictures at the party tonight! We mostly spent the night cooing at Lucy and Walker, discovering each other’s existence for the first time. She wanted to hold him and hug him, giggling, and he was just trying to be awake. Obviously, our family was baby starved the way those 2 have rocked everyone’s world since this past fall.

Also, here’s a cry for help:

I’m having a really hard time finding accommodations with a bed that looks truly comfortable and big enough for Big (6′ 6″, 300 lbs.) Ben. Have you been to Rome? Where did you stay?


Saturday, February 8th, 2014

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3 thoughts on “#1,517 Housekeeping.

  1. Hi,

    I can imagine that those two babies were absoluely cute 😉 Nothing like babies to brighten up your day!
    When we visited Rome, we booked into Hotel Genio, near Piazza Navona (excellent icecream parlors around there, by the way), where there was a beautiful terrace where you could take your breakfast and -if memory serves- even a pool! I can't recall how the beds were though when it came to sizes, as we don't have a Big Ben in our family, but I can say that we slept great and the hotel was perfectly situated.

    Good luck with planning the trip!

  2. My Husband Is 6'4" And We Went To Rome On Our Honeymoon. We Stayed At Trilussa Palace…It Was Excellent! They Have Tempurpedic Beds…So Nice! You Will Love Rome. We Were Surprised At How Much Graffiti Was There 🙁 And You Will Freak Out With How They Drive! Enjoy Your Trip! And Sorry My Phone Is Capitalizing Every Word!

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