#1,510 Springy, Funny Saturday.

After a really lovely baby shower for our friend Jane at Annalee’s house:

Ben and I hit Philip’s Drive In to pick up a burger for a springy lunch on the front porch. It was so balmy and beautiful outside today. Another of those Mississippi false springs.

Afterward we took a long, wandering walk with the dogs and wound up at Jim and Mal’s.

Where we made a plan to drive to Newton for dinner at Zack Garvin’s—an apparently regionally famous steakhouse known for their strawberry butter served tableside with a fresh baked loaf of bread. Josh came along to dinner since Emily is still out of town for work and he’s just an ole bachelor milling around their house for a few more nights. This restaurant was everything they said it would be. If it’s within driving distance of wherever you’re reading these words—you should really go. We were there just a little before closing time and got world class service. They didn’t make us feel rushed or like we were an inconvenience. The owner came out and talked to us for a little while—a former parishioner of Ben’s daddy.

On the drive home, Ben, Mallorie and I watched this video and laughed until we absolutely could not breathe. My throat is sore from the scream laughing we did. I saw this a couple years ago and tonight the re-watch was even better.

Which led to watching this video of fainting goats, which resulted in more side splitting:


Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Daily Journal

7 thoughts on “#1,510 Springy, Funny Saturday.

  1. You guys go from snow at the beginning of the week to beautiful spring weather at the end of it. Maybe you can send some of that sunshine up our way 🙂

    I think I'm just going to need to send you a list of all the places we're going on our Southern road trip honeymoon and have you tell us where to eat, because you always find these awesome sounding places. I was revisiting your posts about Charleston this week and making lists of places to check out while we're there.

    • Yes! Tell me where all you're planning to go and I'd love to tell you our favorites if we have any along your way. But seriously—if you wanted to stop by Laurel, we'd so love to see y'all!

  2. Laurel is already on the list 🙂 I couldn't be within 2 hours of your house and NOT stop by and meet you in person! I'll let you know when once we start to confirm travel dates.

  3. Ahhh!! So excited! I'll have to tell Mallorie (@malraz) and Dawn (@hellodearie) you're coming to town so we can all see you. Do you know what month yet?

  4. My daughter has been a bible camp counselor for several summers. One session, she was assigned to be the gardener and "fainting goat herder". The goats proved to be a great asset in cleaning off the fields as well as entertainment!


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