#1,488 Mammaw Talk.

Went over and hung out with Mammaw for a little while tonight. We watched the news, discussed the important current events. She’s got opinions on Obamacare (“awful”), Chris Christie (“I like him. He seems good. His wife ain’t too pretty. I’ve never seen her.”), the Target credit card theft problems:

And Julia Louis Dreyfus:

It’s fun hangin’ with Mammaw. Tomorrow morning I’m coming over to make her some biscuits. She hasn’t had a homemade biscuit in a long time because she doesn’t remember how to make them. Not a problem—I know where the cast iron skillets are.


Friday, January 10th, 2014

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5 thoughts on “#1,488 Mammaw Talk.

  1. Your mammaw is so sweet! Count your blessings; I was lucky enough to have both of my grandmothers until I was in my 30s and my kids got to know them.

    Enjoy those biscuits:)


  2. What is it about Southern accents that always make you all sound so happy! I have quite a few co-workers from Kentucky and Tennessee and they could be angry about something and you'd hardly ever know it. Mind you, they tell us that we all say "sorry" too much and apologize for everything…including apologizing for apologizing too much.

    Your mammaw reminds me so much of my great aunt. We have bake nights together a few times a year. She wants me to learn all our family's favourite recipes so that I can keep them going for her, but I hope we have many many years before I'm baking the Christmas pudding alone. Treasure the time with her and hold that biscuit recipe close to your heart!

    • Ha! I guess I never really considered that, but you're probably right. We go so out of our way to never hurt anybody's feelings—we'd do whatever we could to not seem angry. We're a pleasing bunch, us Southerners.

      You'll be pleased to know that I'm working on a family cookbook and I'll be including your Christmas strata recipe! I've not made it yet but I know I'll love it when I do. I'm so sure—it's got to go in the book.

    • A family cookbook is an awesome idea! I hope you really like the strata when you make it.
      If I was making a cookbook I'd have to add your Hominy Grill cornbread recipe. I used it a couple of months ago to make cornbread muffins to go with chili for a potluck lunch at work. I didn't know cornbread could be so light and fluffy! It's all in the double sifting!

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