#1,470 Groundhog Christmas Eve Eve + Wanderlust.

Just like Christmas Eve Eve last year, we spent tonight hanging out with the Hickners (though we missed the Blackledges and the casino Dorito pie) beside a fire.

Joey’s grown a winter beard, which merited a beard buddies photo:

I’m sorry for you good people who bother reading the redundancy of my life, as I’m realizing more and more that my life consists of a lot of a repeats. But anything good is worth repeating, right? Things like pancakes, fires, long walks, Christmas movies, fat dogs, cool cities, etc.

Another redundant topic is our daydreaming about going to Europe together. I’ve only been to the UK once, when I was in college, and I’ve been dying to take the long trip with Ben since he’s never been over. I remember this blog from 2010 when we said we’d go for our 5th anniversary, but this year we went back to NYC instead. And now we’re actually thinking next fall is maybe it. For real. The year we’ll finally cross the pond. We’ve ultimately decided Italy will be the most fun for us, lovers of good food and history. On my list are Rome, Venice, Florence, and Cinque Terre. I’ve started planning our budget and it’s totally doable for not a ton of money, especially if we use airbnb again. Have you been to Italy? Tell me about it!


Monday, December 23rd, 2013

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14 thoughts on “#1,470 Groundhog Christmas Eve Eve + Wanderlust.

  1. Italiy is great! Rent a Vespa and drive through Tuscany (I especially loved San Gimignano in particular! Great restaurant called Dulcisinfundo, where you have to reserve a table on the terrace (call a day or so in advance, fabulous terrace with panoramic view of the valley) and very good service. Florence is beautiful, as is Siena (not that far off). Rome is fabulous and worthy of several days' worth of visits, especially the museums in the Vatican, not to forget Saint Peter's itself, obviously. Oh, I love Italy. The food, the weather, the people, the shops and culture. We went for a week last summer and we're already hoping to go back there very soon. Enjoy it!

    • In November (according to Google), temperatures are around 15° Celsius (no clue what that's like in Fahrenheit, sorry!) in Tuscany. Sunny but a bit chilly, I think. Think those sunflower fields and glowing meadows in fall colours 😉

  2. Ahh definitely Capri, beyond description and forever in my heart! We were just daydreaming today about a trip to scotland ourselves—a very very distant vision of sugar plums though. Hope you have an amazing Christmas!– i hate to see it go already. 😉

    • I'll look up Capri! Ben's family is Scottish and that's on our someday list, too. There's just something about haggis that doesn't sound quite as appetizing as ravioli and penne!

  3. I love your blog, Erin…it helps me find a little peace in an otherwise chaotic daily life 🙂 I'm going to challenge myself to post a little something every day next year so that I don't forget the details 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    • I hope you really will—you'll thank yourself later on. It's nice to be able to google your life when you can't remember where you saw that cool thing or when you want to see a photo from some day you think of from time to time. That's why I keep on doing it.

  4. Oh Erin, you must got to Italy! I've been lucky enough to go to Europe quite a few times for film festivals, but Italy (and Greece) were my favorite trips. My family did a great road trip through Italy about 5 years ago. We rented a FIAT van and the five us drove from Milan to Florence to Venice the through Tuscany (Cortona had a great sunflower festival, where they filmed "Under the Tuscan Sun") onto Rome. I could have spent weeks in Rome. I have a minor in Classics (Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome and Greece) and it was just like seeing my years of studying come to life. If you can, stay within the city limits of Rome and walk everywhere you can. The Vatican is a must, including the museums. You'll see things you didn't know existed. And of course the food is to die for, especially the gelato 🙂

    • This all sounds fantastic! I think we're really gonna do it. Little worried about the language barrier, but hopefully we can manage!

    • The language isn't as much of an issue as you'd think – especially in the more urban areas. You'll do fine, but if you're nervous buy a translation book!

  5. We went to Italy this summer, and on a very reasonable budget! We went to Rome, Venice, Capri and Ischia – call me and I can give you all kinds of tips and recommendations!

  6. GO! My husband and I spent a month there for our 1 year anniversary. It was romantic, lovely and scrumptious in the best way possible. Florence/Tuscany ended up being our favorite, but Rome is a do not miss. The architecture and sights are mind-boggling. I second Cortona as a lovely spot to visit – small main street, beautiful country side and fun photo opportunities along the windy streets. Venice was a bit overrated for us – a bit pompous, stinky (literally) and quite high pricewise but really a must see for any romantic. Enjoy! Do some research beforehand, but follow your gut once there. We followed locals down some fun alleys that led to the best parks and restaurants we experienced. 🙂

    • I can't wait! I've been reading Beautiful Ruins and it's really making me impatient. I'll have to copy and paste all of these comments into one big document when it's closer to time!

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