#1,459 Cozy Night at Home.

Last night Ben said he wanted pancakes for supper tonight and so all day long I was looking forward to getting home for dinner. I mean I really love pancakes, y’all. I love Cracker Barrel’s best of all so I got the recipe for them online and made them tonight. They’re fluffy, crisp around the edges, super buttery and sorta salty. Drizzled in maple syrup and served with a side of Conecuh sausage and stovetop grits, they’re sinful.

Or heavenly. Maybe both.

We invited Jesse to eat with us since he doesn’t have any finals tomorrow.

Afterward we watched Lost in Translation since he’s never seen it before, then ended up getting into an all night discussion on politics and government and healthcare.

We figured out how to change the world, but unfortunately that’s more difficult than it seems apparently. It was fun to talk about, anyway.


Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#1,459 Cozy Night at Home.

  1. I love pancakes for dinner too…and Cracker Barrel pancakes. Every time I was pregnant it gave me the excuse to eat Momma's pancake breakfast with pancakes and eggs and bacon and biscuits! I am too embarrassed to eat all of that when I am not pregnant (but I am sure I could!)

    If you are ever in Gatlinburg, TN, you MUST eat at the Pancake Pantry. One of my favorites and every kind of pancake you can imagine.

    Hope you are having a joyful Advent season.


    • Ha! I eat like that at Cracker Barrel about once a month. No pregnancy required! We both grew up going to Gatlinburg! I can't remember which pancake place we went to on our last trip in 2009… But it was good.

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