#1,442 Christmas Music.

We’ve had Christmas music playing all day. At home, while the fire was burning in the living room through the freezing, rainy day. While I worked at my computer at the loft. While we ran errands. All day long. Cause it’s time, y’all. We can do that.

My favorites today were Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas from Home Alone that came on Pandora:

By the way, did you ever read the news story about that glorious movie house? It sold last year for $1.5 million!

And of course:

Which I’m unable to hear without feeling a lump in my throat because of the scene where it plays, not in Meet Me in St. Louis, but The Family Stone. You know the scene I’m talking about? I feel like I might cry thinking about it.

By week’s end, this room will get its yuletide makeover. I can already smell the pine needles.


Monday, November 25th, 2013

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#1,442 Christmas Music.

  1. The Family Stone is one of my favorite Christmas movies! I watch it every year, numerous times. My family actually makes fun of me because I watch it so many times, but I think the reason I love it so much is because of that gorgeous house.

  2. I love Hooked on Houses. That is where I found your blog 🙂 The article that she wrote about the movie is great.

    That strata does look delicious in the movie!

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