#1,441 Cozy Sweatshirt.

On our trip we were in the Upper West Side and we stopped in the Columbia bookstore. Ben collects mesh basketball shorts from the university of every place we visit, so he wanted to see if he could find a pair. And I found the coziest sweatshirt on earth. It’s huge, but I realize more and more that as it gets colder outside I started stealing from Ben’s closet. It feels better to wear something that feels like a blanket when it’s freezing cold outside.

It was a timely purchase since a serious cold front has come through Mississippi and the highs will be in the 50s and 40s all week. In November! It’s unheard of! So thrilled about this forecast, y’all.


Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,441 Cozy Sweatshirt.

  1. Because i'm a mother, i have to say "glad you're safely back home"– but as a blog follower, "thanks so much for taking us along for the ride!!"

  2. Scooping leaves and emptying the skimmers frequently, as I expect to do in the fall, is leaving me with frostbitten hands this week. I like the quiet, stay inside and read weather as well, but I'll have a houseful of family on Thursday with lots of kids to boot. We can usually shoo them outside to run around, but I'm getting a little nervous! 🙂

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