#1,433 House Guests.

Kory and Beth, our friends from Nashville, are here!

Which means tomorrow after Ben preaches 2 sermons, Kory plays music, and we eat lunch, we’re leaving for the big trip! I’m past exhausted. More amazing things happened today, but I just can’t hold my eyes open to tell you about it. Cool blogs to come this week though. Promise.


Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,433 House Guests.

  1. Weird question, but, with your 2 pups, does your runner stay in its exact place? Even with a sticky mat under our rugs, they always shift. : (

    • I can't keep up with Chevy and Baker's slobber and hair so they have dog houses and kiddie pools in the back yard. They only come in the laundry room if it's bad weather.

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