#1,416 Early Halloween.

Because of the inclement weather that’s headed our way tomorrow night:


The city officially moved Halloween to tonight. They made the decision yesterday, which left the Bible Belt scrambling to make a plan since lots of people have church on Wednesday, but seriously everyone comes to the historic district to trick or treat.

Ben had already scheduled the annual showing of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown a block from home in the pumpkin patch:

But someone needed to be at our house for the trick or treaters so I made the last minute call to go home and hand out candy. Jim and Mal came and we had a big time.

My favorite costume of the night: Dorothy.

Jim stuck with Ben’s Halloween tradition of convincing small, innocent children that the huge cat head we put candy in would bite them if they weren’t careful and quick to pull the candy out.

I’m a little sad that kids seem to stop dressing up at about age 8 but keep trick or treating. Y’all aren’t too old or cool for a costume if you’re not too old or cool to trick or treat.

Sophie went with a nerd costume. Because she wore glasses. Oh, cool kids.

Ben made it in for the last hour of official trick or treat hours, so. Great success all the way around. Whew. I think tomorrow night we might do something super spooky and go see the Dracula play at the Little Theatre.

Have I ever mentioned that I love this neighborhood?


Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,416 Early Halloween.

  1. Halloween looks awfully fun in Laurel! Great cat candy dish – where did you find it?

    I can't believe they moved Halloween due to weather. Growing up in Canada, you always had to pick a costume that could fit a snowsuit underneath because you never knew if it would snow – fat cat, fat witch, fat angel. It's so cute to see all the roly poly kids out at Halloween on those years.

    Happy Halloween!

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