#1,407 Corndogs and Other Festive Things.

The South Mississippi fair is here! It’s a childish, fun, trashy, delicious affair that I skipped every year when I was in high school. At the time, I hated the fair—now, it’s one of those events that ushers in the holiday season. A friend of mine posted on her instagram that it’s like the Christmas fair in Steel Magnolias—everyone you’ve ever known in your life is there. And that’s true.

We made a triple date of it with Jim, Mal, Josh and Em. We ate corn dogs… Among other healthy treats. Some of the people in our group had Philly cheese steak sandwiches, sausage dogs, funnel cakes, fried Moon Pie, fried apple rings with powdered sugar, sweet tea, caramel apples, and homemade taffy… possibly among other things. I might have been some of the people.

Josh won a sweet framed pic of Robert Pattinson trying to bust glass bottles with a baseball. I bet we’ll be seeing more of him in our instagram feed. #robpatchat (?)

The petting zoo made it worth the entrance cost. Which was only $2.50 so I guess it would’ve been worth it without the petting zoo, come to think of it.

But until you’ve held a baby goat, don’t tell me anything about life.

I’ve never been brave enough to ride anything besides the Ferris wheel. Ben sat out with me while everyone else rode this thing that goes about 70 miles an hour in a circle. No thanks. Hey, Jimbo.

Also at the petting zoo—Ben as an animal. Scottish Highland cattle.

The ‘best in show’ really was the best in show. I loved this painting by a student artist!

A touching memorial to Gerald:

The men showed us how strong they were by riding the Sea Dragon.

Right before we all went into a diabetic coma:


Monday, October 21st, 2013

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2 thoughts on “#1,407 Corndogs and Other Festive Things.

  1. Nothing quite like a fall fair. Just looking at these pictures makes it all come to life – the sounds, the smells (everything fried!) and that nauseating feeling when you're going on those crazy rides. My philosophy with carnival rides is that if they can put it up and tear it down in a day, I'm not going on it.

    • Isn't it fun to be about 10 years old once in a while? Even at 10, I knew those rides weren't cool. I knew I wanted to live to see 11. Or not puke.

      Did y'all make it home from Mass??

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