#136 Movies.

I know there’s a movie — one you saw when you were little that you still think of every now and then that deeply affected you. Tonight we were at Blockbuster looking for a movie (we went with Prairie Home Companion) and we started talking about those things we remember from bizarre movies from childhood and we could NOT think of the names of them. Then, like magic, those Blockbuster employees saved the day and cleared up the mystery. For Ben, he remembered a movie where:

1. This little kid sees something happen in a closet at the school, and there’s a house on a cliff or something and there’s a crazy old woman that lives in it. We watched it at the church at a youth party at Halloween because it was scary, but not too scary. Like Disney scary. Like Watcher in the Woods.
Blockbuster Jeremy says “It had Lucas Haas in it didn’t it?” Ben says “I don’t know.” Jeremy says “Yep. It was called Lady in White.”

Ben screams “LADY IN WHITE! THAT’S IT!!!” He’s been trying to put the pieces together about this since I’ve known him. It was a great moment of revelation.

Then I ask Blockbuster Jeremy if he knows about a movie where:

1. This famous actor guy gets in an accident or something and gets mutilated and goes to work in a freak show. There’s all kinds of freak show people. Like a dog man? And Mr. T maybe? And one of the freaks eats macaroons all the time. Those chocolate coconut cookie things?

He says “Yep. It’s called Freaked. It was on AMC the other day. You got satellite?”

It’s so… sooooooooo… WEIRD. I just watched the trailer and am now realizing that HBO played a whole lot of cuh-razy mess in the 90s that I over-absorbed on summer break while Kelsa or Danielle heated up my KidCuisine. Point in case: Stay Tuned and Mr. Boogedy. You remember either of those? Wow. I miss the scary traumatizing kid movies of the 80s and 90s.


Sunday, May 16th, 2010

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  1. Mine was Town Without Pity. and another was about these two women who worked at an all girl's school. One of the little girls was extremely evil. One of the little girls was a kleptomaniac. Somehow the evil girl got in trouble about something and blackmailed the girl who stole stuff to back her up over a tale she told about the two teachers and the things they did behind closed doors. Now this movie was made way back in the 40's or 50's. it was black and white. i saw it not long ago, but never looked to see the name. so…what was this movie mr. blockbuster guy?

  2. no one in the world remembers my HBO traumatizing kid movie… The Worst Witch. Tim Curry, the Lady from the facts of life, and a nerdy, awkward teenage witch. little did i know I would absorb the nerdiness for my own high school experience… 😉

  3. i not only remember the watcher in the woods, the worst witch, mr. boogedy (helloooo! we only lived for that one every halloween my dearest), and stay tuned; but i own lady in white!!! they are all some of my favorite things in the world. i totally know what you mean sweet cuz. some movies are not only about the movie itself, but the feelings certain flicks invoke in us. some of mine are the goonies, the brave little toaster, anne of green gables trilogy, the secret of nimh, the dark crystal, bed knobs and broomsticks, splash, the apple dumpling gang, pete's dragon, and the littles to name a few. there are thousands though!!! i love this topic and could go on and on. tell ben if he ever wants to borrow lady in white give me call!! lol!

  4. btw Biz, the worst witch starred a then youg and upcoming actress named fairuza balk. maybe you've heard of her? american history x, the water boy, return to oz (another one of my childhood favs), and the craft. just f.y.i. yay!!! i love movies!!!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I just stumbled upon this post from reading your post from yesterday (the 'you might also like' feature) and this made my day! Disney Halloween shows/movies from the 90s are the reason I still love Halloween so much.
    Mr. Boogedy is the best. I couldn't wait for it to come on TV every Halloween! I still have my recorded off TV VHS of it. Gah. Memories! Watcher in the Woods is also a fav. I bought it on DVD a couple years back. I also bought the Disney Halloween Treat VHS off Ebay, do you remember that one?
    I think it may be time to get them copied over to DVD, so they outlast the life of a tape.
    Also love Something Wicked This Way Comes and Hocus Pocus. I will have to check out Lady in White. Sounds right up my alley 🙂

    And KidCuisine. I die. Had so forgotten about those. The brownie was really the only thing I wanted to eat. 🙂

    • NO ONE BESIDES MY COUSIN KELSA HAS EVER SAID THEY'VE SEEN MR. BOOGEDY! This makes my day!!! I've never heard of Disney Halloween Treat, but I'll Google it. I only ate the mac and cheese out of the kid cuisine. Ha!

    • I've never known anyone either!!! Crazy!
      I actually had both the first and second movies recorded on VHS until someone in the family accidentally used the tape to record an old Elvis movie. Ugh, the struggle is real. Still upset about that to this day. But at least I have one that I can pull out to watch and reminisce. It's not nearly as scary as I thought it was when I was a kid. It's actually pretty terrible, but I'll always love it. 🙂

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