#1,337 Flea Market Style.

Finally, at long last, I can tell y’all about the magazine shoot from last October! Flea Market Style Weddings contacted me about featuring Lucky Luxe invitations way back last summer, and they told me they are the sister publication of a twice yearly home design magazine. I told them I would probably love it since just about everything in our house was either from a flea market or made by us.

They said, “Really? Would you be interested in showing us pictures of your house?” 

And so I sent them the link to the blog about our house on Hooked on Houses. And they said they would like to give it a feature. And last October they sent the fabulous Jean Allsopp, a former Southern Living and Coastal Living photographer who specializes in white interiors. I can’t imagine what made our house special enough to dedicate a 12 page feature to it. I don’t think it’s as cool as the other houses in the magazine, but we are proud of all the work we put into our humble digs with as little cost as possible.

This morning I found the magazine in my mailbox which means this, the winter issue, should be in stores probably sometime next week. It’s a weird weird feeling. Seeing your porch made to look like a Pottery Barn living room, your stoned dog on tranquilizers lying there looking (miraculously) like a majestic hunting dog whilst you sit there in your favorite sweater reserved for the coldest New York City winter day, sweating in a way that no deodorant can stop because it’s October in Mississippi which is like summer everywhere else, while your soaked husband is smiling in his winter flannel and keeping the other stoned dog from wandering toward the photographer to sniff her out for treats.

Y’all need to know. The people (and dogs) in magazines are on a stage, in costume, for your reading pleasure. And it was a whole lot of fun, playing dress up with our house, even if no one ever reads it but our mamas.


Monday, August 12th, 2013

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  1. Ha! I love the photo of your little family — stoned dogs and all — but it's the behind-the-scenes story that truly makes it great. Thanks for putting on the show for our reading pleasure. 😉 And congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!

    Family photos with all children smiling (and looking the same direction) in their fancy clothes is all staged too! I've spent many photo sessions threatening my children under my breath to smile, stop tugging on your clothes, stop picking on your brother….maybe I should have tried drugs!


  3. Congratulations! This is such exciting news. I am most certainly going to purchase the magazine. I am positively thrilled for you. From what I've seen, I can see why they would have wanted to feature your home – it is lovely and so very welcoming. (you and Ben are the cutest and the dogs are precious!)

  4. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to buy this issue. I love that magazine. Your house is definitely worthy of being in it too. Congrats on being chosen for it! You are so funny in describing your dogs and the real truth behind the scenes of the photo shoot. I love your candidness. You are such a humble person, it's no wonder that good things come your way and people want to share your joy rather than resent you. I bet this magazine has a prominent place on your coffee table now! LOL!

  5. Hi Erin!
    Congrats on your feature! It turned out great!! So funny about your dogs:)
    We are thrilled to have you and Ben in this issue. Thank you for everything.
    All the best,
    Vanessa Britting
    Flea Market Style Magazine

    • It was SO much fun! We're so grateful for the opportunity. Don't forget about me if y'all ever need any pretty paper in the future! 😉

  6. Hello Erin! I have been "visiting" your house at Hooked on Houses and enjoyed it a lot. I love it and love the story behind it.
    I like your style, you are so creative!
    Besos from Argentina,

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