#1,323 Grocery Shopping.

Once a week or so I have to go to the grocery store. And I’m always grateful for the fact that I never have to do this chore by myself. Because Ben’s job is flexible and he loves buying groceries, I have literally never gone grocery shopping by myself since we’ve been together. It’s a little treat to me every time and we keep each other in check so no one leaves with a megapack of brown sugar and cinnamon Pop Tarts that will go uneaten over 6 months. My mother will laugh at this post because my daddy has never ever ever set foot in a grocery store. I doubt he knows where to find one.

But daddy did get an iPhone and a facebook a few days ago, so the grocery store might be next on the list of armageddon-type events that have been occurring.


Monday, July 29th, 2013

Daily Journal

8 thoughts on “#1,323 Grocery Shopping.

  1. Your dad got the clothes out of the dryer yesterday, folded them and hung his pants and scrubs in his closet. But, he didn't know where to put my underwear. Get your affairs and souls in order because the end is very near.

  2. My dad never let us have indoor pets when we were growing up, and outdoor pets came only with considerable begging (and only 1 at a time). On Sunday, at his 66th birthday dinner, we laughed because he had 2 dogs snuggled up on his lap.

    The end is very near…..or my dad has been replaced by an imposter!


    • Yeah, my parents said the same thing… Now they call their schnauzer (who sleeps with them!!) their child. I think we need to all make sure we have a close walk with God right now!

  3. You lost me at brown sugar pop tarts remaining uneaten for six months…they wouldn't last 6 minutes at our house! Bring on the mega pack and the running shoes!! 😉

    • Baha! We're major impulse grocery shoppers. What sounds good right now sounds like cheap food for teenagers tomorrow.

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