#1,322 Canning.

This morning while I was making Ben’s coffee I realized that our pear tree was so heavy with fruit that the branches were near breaking and touching the ground. I always thought pears weren’t ripe until closer to autumn since that’s when it seems mama always makes her famous pear cake with caramel icing, but I guess I was confused. After lunch I took off my church clothes and grabbed a bucket thinking that would be plenty to carry our harvest out to my parents’ house so she could teach me how to make preserves.

Turns out I needed more than 1 bucket.

We took it all over to mama’s so she could teach me how to can and we would have enough to give everyone spiced pears for Christmas gifts. After washing, peeling and slicing 2 grocery bags full I decided we will just give away the rest of the pears. That’s a LOT of work, y’all.

Serendipitously, Titanic was on AMC (!!!) so we watched that while we stirred, boiled, washed and canned.

I learned that it takes a LOT of sugar to make 6 jars of preserves.

We divided the batch so half could be spiced candy pears. To do this, you just let red hots melt in the preserves before you put them in the jars.

And for some of the pears, we sliced them and prepared them for freezing. I’ll use these to make pies and mama’s pear cake in a few weeks!

And here we have the literal fruits of our labor.

Canning is sort of tough. Y’all need to have some major respect for your grannies.


Sunday, July 28th, 2013

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  1. I made muscadine jelly for the first time last summer. It was A LOT of work and I was so glad to see the last batch completed. But it is SO GOOD!

    Definitely makes you respect your grannies!


  2. Would love recipes attached to this post – spiced pears for a gift sounds wonderful! Please share and also what do you have to do to the sliced pears to keep them from browning?

    • Hi there! It seems like all we did was wash the pears, slice and peel them using an apple peeler, then we put it in a HUGE pot on the stove top with lots of sugar (maybe 5 cups? my mama would have to confirm), then you let them boil and cook down for an hour or so. Just until the pears turn transparent. For the spiced pears, add as many red hots as you like a little bit before they start turning clear, let those melt and stir it all good. Then we boiled the jars and lids and filled em up. Hope that's not too vague! That's just the way she does it, without exact measurements.

      To freeze the pears, you wash, peel and slice with the apple peeler, then soak the slices in water with lemon juice. Drain the water after a bit, then pour sugar and Fruit Fresh over the slices, toss them all together, let em sit and get syrupy in the fridge, then drain off some of the liquid and bag and freeze.

    • Thanks! Cheap stuff from Target and Old Navy, but I believe strongly it's time to bring back the overalls. Join me, friend.

    • I know, I miss that trend. Remind me to show you a picture of my dad and me in overalls that was taken my senior year of high school. I need to find a new pair of overalls! I can't believe that I ever got rid of them.

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