#1,313 3rd Thursday.

Thursdays wear me out, y’all. There’s so much going on. The Rusty Chandelier opens, then farmer’s market, then live music by local musicians before movie night in Pinehurst Park.

So… I played a short set at 3rd Thursday tonight. This was how I “made my living” in high school, playing little shows here and there at coffee shops. Now, I’m incredibly rusty and not a very good guitarist anymore, but it was still fun to do something out of my normal routine.

Here is The Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine:

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray:

Down So Long by Jewel:


That’s Shane. He was my guitar teacher when I was 13, and he’s the reason I started playing shows then and the reason I’m still playing occasionally. He had this piece of typing paper that hung on the wall in his classroom that said “do or do not, there is no try” (I believe that’s a little Yoda wisdom?) that he would just point to and give me a glare anytime I said “Shane. I CAN’T play that.” He’s known me since I was a little kid and when my mom sees him it’s just like I’m still 13, and he’s my cool cousin that she’s always loved. Any of you Laurel people want to learn—here’s the master.

Ben caught me not smiling everytime. I promise I smile.

 This cutie was just sitting there eating baby Oreos and I had to take his picture.

Alex! She’s one of our youth learning guitar and picking it up SO fast. LOVE this girl.
Miss Bake Shop!
Man. I’m whooped. It’s Tony time.


Thursday, July 18th, 2013

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  1. How fun! I live in a small town, too. It's nice to have a thriving downtown with events that bring the community together.

    Thursdays sound like a lot of fun.


  2. Your Thursdays sound like so much fun! You have a lovely singing voice – wish the video was longer. The little guy eating cookies is just adorable!

  3. I just wish y'all could come visit! I think someone is working on getting videos online. I'll post here if they do!

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