#1,304 Brides.

Today the newest issue of Brides Magazine hit shelves and the Lucky Luxe Gatsby invitation got a great little mention. That’ll make your day every time when you own a home grown business like ours.


Ben is determined to get in the best shape of his life this year since he’s turning 30 in September. How is that possible? We met when he was 21! Anyway, he cooked dinner tonight—an Italian chicken recipe with tomato basil and roasted red pepper relish and brocolli with toasted almonds. I added cheese to my brocolli because  all vegetables improve with cheese.

And after a walk to the fountain downtown with the dogs:


Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Daily Journal

One thought on “#1,304 Brides.

  1. As someone who loves paper – your invitations are a work of art. Lovely! You are mighty talented, Lady!

    Yum dinner looks good and amen to adding cheese. It makes everything better!

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