#1,297 Pie Shoot.

Today I photographed The Bake Shop’s miniature pies. Then I got to eat whatever I wanted from it. I went with apple. Y’ALL.

Also, Baker’s been on edge with the premature firework popping that’s been happening around the neighborhood. He reacts like it’s gunshots he hears, and if we’re on a walk away from home when he hears the sound, it’s like he has internal GPS that can get him back home and behind the deep freeze in the workshop from anywhere on earth. He gallops and drags me with all his might. Which is quite mighty. Then he plays dead. This morning he was laying the pitiful on me with puppy eyes and lots of petting my leg so I would hold his paw. He’s a major hand holder.


Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#1,297 Pie Shoot.

  1. I think I would choose the buttermilk pie….sounds like chess pie, which is my favorite. I have never been able to make it, even though I have my grandmother's recipe.

    That recipe is one of my prized possessions; handwritten on an index card, framed, and hung in my kitchen.

    Good luck to Julie and The Bake Shop!


  2. Is that an old Bush Dairy glass bottle?! If so, that's awesome.
    My great grandmother was part of the Bush's from Laurel.

    Also, those pies look amazing!


    • It is from Bush Dairy! My grandmother gave it to me and I have loved using it for a little bud vase and/or photo prop.

  3. Yummy! Poor Baker:( I know that you love Elizabeth Berg, I am listening to "Tapestry of Fortunes" now. What a beautiful story, I almost cry every few minutes!

    • I haven't read that one! Will run to the library this week and see if they have it. I've gotten a little burned out on her broken hearted/jilted divorcee stories, but I've been missing Ms. Berg.

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