#1,296 What A Pill + Sweet Day.

Well, it didn’t start sweet. I started my day by swallowing a camera shaped like a pill after a 36 hour fast. I. Was. Hungry.

They strapped a super sexy fanny pack and saddle bag thing on me that I got to wear until 4:30. Ben was crushing on me pretty hard.
I had to wait 4 more hours before I could finally eat a morsel of food. At which point I decided the buffet at Pasquale’s would be the best option for me.
But after that I went home and found another letter in the mailbox from my new friend, Jen. Little surprises like that can change a day.

A cool front pushed through in the night and since it felt like October out, Ben and I took a break on the porch after his staff meeting.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, Julie pulled into the driveway ready for me to take some photos of her newest masterpieces for the brand spankin’ new facebook page for The Bake Shop. Y’all go visit and give it a like, won’t you? I’m trying to help her get this thing off the ground promotion-wise so she realizes that your dream job is as real as you make it. Once people see (and taste!) the work she’s making, there’s no way it can fail.

Afterward we all met for dinner at Josh and Em’s super swanky loft a couple blocks away, where we discussed latex mattresses and financial investments. Because we’re apparently all getting ready to sign up for our AARP memberships.


Monday, July 1st, 2013

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#1,296 What A Pill + Sweet Day.

  1. Julie's cakes look delicious….and the cupcakes have the perfect amount of icing! Still hoping (and praying) you get the answers you need from these tests.


  2. I wonder if you have urtacaria in your stomach? i.e.: hives IN your stomach lining which causes the pains?
    Didnt you also have an allergic throat closing reaction sometimes while out jogging?

  3. Well that is fascinating and something we've never considered. I'm going to ask my doctor about it! Thanks so much, Allison!!

  4. My bet is that you're not going to see anything with that camera feedback…you'd only see them in the midst of an attack…. Plus you have the angioedema in the throat…though not severe enough for an Epi pen (i.e.: adrenaline shot) but it could be all related. Might not be an allergy, but idiopathic, brought on my emotional stress or even just regular stress. Best of luck xx

    • Allison!! THIS COULD REALLY BE IT! Please please send me your email address so we can talk more? The pill camera didn't see anything (as expected) and angiodema is a hereditary condition in my family. My email is [email protected] if you want to email me!

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