#1,275 Boarding.

So Ben and I are making the annual trip up to the North Carolina mountains for the summer youth trip and we’ve been going back and forth about what to do about Chevy and Baker since we hate to burden any family or friends with 2 bears for a week. And so. We visited a boarding kennel. And it was impressive. It didn’t smell like pee (too much) and it’s air conditioned with a yard they can run around in. So, sounds good to me. Especially since it’s $12.50 per day per pup. Is that about what it costs everywhere else? I have no idea.

Also, my parents’ fancy electric trash can that would mash the garbage down that they’ve had since the house was built 21 years ago, finally died. So my ever-reasonable daddy, rather than spend $600 on a new one, is just building a slide out drawer for the trash can. And my mother remembered the name and color of the cabinet stain from 21 years ago, bought it, and was correct. That never happens to me, ever.


Monday, June 10th, 2013

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#1,275 Boarding.

  1. Wow! I am so impressed that your Mom remembered the color of the stain used in her kitchen. Seriously, I can barely remember what I ate for dinner last night! 🙂

    I love the thought of vacation on the horizon. Lovely to have something to look forward to!

  2. our vet in raymond is $15.00 per day, it is not air conditioned…but they have huge fans blowing everywhere and there is a tiny patch of grass for them out back. 🙁 I think you did good!

  3. I got an email about a comment asking the name of where we're boarding the dogs—it's Glory Kennels. The phone is (601) 649-7816. 🙂

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