#126 Macbook Pro.

It’s used, but we got a good deal on it and now I can travel without lugging the iMac wherever we go. Yay! I’d take a better photo, but I’m just too lazy. The keyboard is backlit in the dark which is a plus.
It reminds me of that toy they made when we were in kindergarten where you stick these little colored plastic plugs into a light thing? Ah forget it.


Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Daily Journal

2 thoughts on “#126 Macbook Pro.

  1. Light Brite! I loved Light Brite! I can still remember their jingle, which is slightly embarassing. 😉

    Toys in the '80s were so awesome…Simpler times!

  2. YEEEEES! Crystel! I was trying so hard to Google it and find the name of that toy, but I had no idea what to type in. You've saved my sanity!

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