#1,255 It’s All Going to Be Okay.

Today was the runoff for our city elections in which we had some choices to make:

For mayor, we had Johnny Magee, an experienced councilman who’s always voted well for Laurel.

Or Omeria Scott, a state representative that was making a lot of people very nervous with her plans for a total turnover/changeup in city hall if elected.

Mr. Johnny won, and I can’t explain how relieved we are. This means he’ll be up against Ken Keyes, a local businessman running as an independent in the big election on June 4. No matter who wins that race, I feel like everything’s going to be okay in our little Mayberry. Thanks be to God!

When our circuit clerk announced the results, I felt like my heart might explode. There was so much anxiety in the room!

As far as things go for our particular ward, Ben’s opponents were in the runoff and the 20 year incumbent won by just 9 votes. The battle isn’t won yet, but it’s certainly within reach now. The incumbent’s voters are losing enthusiasm, he’s tired from campaigning, and we just got our second wind. Let’s do this, Mitter Ben!

Today, so much changed for our city government. The old money and grandeur that’s kept our city beautiful for so many years won’t last forever. It takes people who care enough to make something new happen, and I feel like we’re there. Things are changing and getting better every single day. It feels so tangible!

P.S. To all of you who left so many sweet sweet remarks on yesterday’s blog in my defense, you made an anxious day into an uplifting one. I would like for you to know that while I’ve had Oklahoma on my heart, you know all about that. This blog is simply an online daily journal of my life, not of national events or sad things. I’ve not asked anyone to read this, and I’m just happy to have any of you here that care to. I hope you’ll find the sunshine in your own tragedies, and I hope that same thing for the folks who are suffering so much in Oklahoma right now.


Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Daily Journal

8 thoughts on “#1,255 It’s All Going to Be Okay.

  1. Erin –

    After reading yesterday's "feedback", I wanted to throw in my two cents of support in for you.

    As a daily follower, I usually read your blog at night before any comments are posted so miss out on all the commentary. Your blog is so delightful to read. I have plenty of sites to go to for my news and I look forward to ending my day on a positive note. I love your uplifting spirit, kind heart and love and generosity you have for your family and friends.

    Keep it up and don't lose any sleep over any faceless posts!

    Take care.


  2. Erin, I follow Patina Home and Garden on FB. She is an interior decorator in Vacaville CA. Love that town name. I think you would love her page; her projects remind me of yours. She posted yesterday a rusty old country sink she acquired and asked for derusting suggestions. You could share your final product with her. Please take a look I am sure you will enjoy her posts.
    Your Memphis Reader

  3. Hi Erin, I live in the midwest and I read your blog every few days. I love your home, your enthusiasm, your passion for your husband and your faith in God. Heck, I would vote for Ben if I could!! The person that posted yesterday needs your prayers, she/he is obviously in a dark place. The fact that she lashed out at you is just sad. Please continue to post beautiful, thoughtful and postitive entries – you cannot know how many of us out here read it regularly and think of you and your little family and town often and smile.

  4. I so wish I lived in your neighborhood. Ben would surely get my vote! Love the endless support the two of you have for each other.

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