#1,251 Hard Yard Work.

I got to leave work a little early today and I was excited about that because I’ve been wanting to work in the yard for weeks now but haven’t had any time. Ben was doing the yard for a lady in our church all afternoon, but since he taught me how to use our new pushmower I went and did our yard without him. Girl power.

I seriously love pushmowing. 
And weedeating.
It’s so satisfying. Like squeezing every last drop of the fake cheese packet into the macaroni. 
I don’t love blowing off the carport and driveway because I can NEVER get it all rounded up and out to the street the way the lawn people at the museum do. They make it look so effortless!
Here is a panoramic view of the fruits of my labor that took every bit of 4 hours.
No, we don’t have much grass in the backyard. I know there are paths around our shop that’s basically falling in. I think about what the yard looked like when we bought the house—lush, green and clean. Chevy and Baker have changed all that, but we do what we can with it. I absolutely love the stone path that Jesse did for us a while back, and I’m ready to see them on all the dog trails. It’s going to look so awesome. Someday.
These guys are pleased.


Friday, May 17th, 2013

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,251 Hard Yard Work.

  1. Erin, love your dogs. I see a doghouse in yard. But, can they fit–lol.
    Your Memphis Fan

    • Good morning! The doghouse was built just for Chevy and Baker claimed Ben's workshop as his house from the start. He just sleeps in there most of the day!

  2. Keeping the lawn green and healthy is a problem of many homeowners. It's kinda difficult at some point, especially when the weather is unpredictable. In your case, even though there are some parched areas already, your lawn still looks great. The stone path added beauty to the area, by the way. It was really a good move to have those in your yard.

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