#1,245 Mother’s Day.

I could barely contain my excitement about taking mama to The Great Gatsby matinee for my second round. I woke up and cleaned house then jumped in the shower as Ben was heading out the door to campaign for the morning. When I got out of the shower I found a lovely surprise in the kitchen. He’d cut roses from our yard and left them for me to find. That’s a very good man.

After the movie we headed out to Clark’s house for a mother’s day cookout. I gave mama a new striped linen beach bag for her trip to St. Marten that’s coming up.

 I mean how cute is she?!

And on an un-mama related note—we framed the Yoknapatawpha print and hung it in the new manly half bath. I think it’s the very thing it was missing. Perfect!


Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Daily Journal

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  1. I love to learn from successful mother-daughter relationships– can you share any insight on a couple of unique good things that your mom did consistently that might help a mother of three young ladies? No rush! Maybe a post someday– had a great day visiting my hometown church– love those amazing mentors that have been praying for healing for us! So glad that you had those in your life too!! –lisa

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