#1,241 Cornbread + Supper Club.

Tonight was supper club, which meant I needed to go to Walmart to buy cornmeal and flour because keeping it in the freezer isn’t a good plan because it ends up tasting freezerburnt pretty quickly. So in Walmart I bought myself some canisters to store it in that would make my mammaw proud. And then I went home and made Hominy Grill cornbread that was the best I’ve ever made. Because I didn’t use freezerburnt cornmeal. Mmmmm…

And tonight I want to be sure y’all have it too. I bought the Hominy Grill cookbook in Charleston and it has been my absolute favorite ever since. So, here you go!

It makes enough to fill 2 cast iron skillets (one large, one small) because no matter how good this restaurant is, I don’t believe you should make cornbread in any other kind of receptacle. My northern friends tell me they’ve had Jiffy or nothing in terms of cornbread, so I’m going to beg y’all to do this for yourself. Cornbread is totally different in every woman’s kitchen in Mississippi. Some use buttermilk or sour cream or creamed corn, some use yellow meal, some use white, some use oil and some use butter. Mine is moist and greasy with a crispy brown crust that only cast iron can create.

Per usual for supper club at Suellen’s, after dinner the Catchphrase came out. Fun was had. Almost every crumb of food got eaten. You need to come sometime.


Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,241 Cornbread + Supper Club.

  1. You may have lost me when you were able to purchase white cornmeal at your walmart. ;-). I suspect we only have the jiffy, choke down with water or beans variety! I doubt i'll get my kids to trust me to try it, but it may just put me in favored child status with their grandpa! Glad you are feeling better! I'll try this when i'm back in the kitchen for more than warming up frozen casseroles and leftovers! 😉 —lisa

    • Oh Lisa, you just have to try this as soon as you feel good enough to cook!! Your kids will love it. It's salty, slightly sweet, super moist and buttery. Yummmmm!

  2. I saw that picture of the canisters on instagram and I was going to ask where you got them – never would have thought it was good ol' Walmart! They look great and fit right in with your kitchen.

    I got a taste for cornbread on a trip down south one year and now I make it whenever we have chili – in cast iron of course! Made a cheddar jalapeno version last year that turned out amazing. Can't wait to give this recipe a try!

    • Can you believe Walmart had those? I'd been Googling all day looking for some then I felt silly. Cornbread is the BEST with chili!

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