#1,227 Day Off.

By some good fortune thanks to a bride who wasn’t quite ready to submit her wording, I ended up getting a day off from work.

It was like going to bed last night and finding a $100 bill on the nightstand. I had sweet dreams looking forward to it.
So I slept late.
I went running with these guys.
We ate lunch on the porch. I put on my favorite skirt and canvas sneakers and ran lots of errands that I’ve been meaning to take care of for a while now. 

I bought 3 neat old paintings for the new bathroom at the Antique Mall. I picked up my allergy medicine at CVS. I bought handsoap and eucalyptus body cream at Bath and Body Works. I got a spotlight for Ben’s banner at Lowe’s. Then we picked up Jim and Mallorie and took our grandmother to dinner at Dean’s. She’s been wanting a steak at a restaurant so we did that very thing.

When the restaurant manager asked how she liked dinner she said, “That was thank you!”
We went home to cut the grass and weedeat. Our street is spectacular this time of year.
My husband is a total hottie. And he taught me how to pushmow today. I think I loved it.


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,227 Day Off.

  1. From experience I can attest that Push mowing is great exercise. I'm glad y'all took Mamaw for a steak. And Ben is definitely the hottest candidate running in Ward 5 and the city of Laurel. If hot matters, he will win.

    • I loved pushmowing!! So cute that you commented, mama. You never leave comments! And I agree. We've definitely got the hottest candidate! 😉

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