#1,214 Why Do Bad Things Happen?

That was the topic in youth Bible study tonight. This is actually a topic I’m really passionate about since every single person in the world has asked it.

“Why did my mom get cancer? She was such a good person.”

“Why doesn’t he love me back?”

“Why am I constantly in trouble with my parents?”

“Why did he leave my mom?”

This is what our students want to know.

Because of Hope, I’ve been reading Streams in the Desert for one year now, and that’s what every single day of the book deals with. I can’t sleep at night without reading the reassuring words that explain scripture through poems and journals by the great theologists. I hope that if you have a hard time loving God because you want to know why bad things happen, you’ll take my advice and read it. I’d tell you what I think about this, but I’d love to hear from y’all.

Why do you think bad things happen?


Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#1,214 Why Do Bad Things Happen?

  1. My grandma gave me her copy a few years ago. I really haven't read it till this morning. I love it! I am going to add it to my daily devotional. I need all the help I can get! Love your blog btw!

  2. I think they happen so that God can use those circumstances to draw us closer to Him, to teach us, and mold us into the person He intends us to be. I also think they happen so others can come to know Him. I am reading a book called The Red Sea Rules, and it has been very encouraging to me as one who has gone through pretty hard times in my life. 🙂 I need to check this one out, though!

  3. Streams in the Desert, my mom, Jon, and you were what kept me encouraged in Manila! I need to pick this book back up! This is Hope…just realized my user name is Rusty Chandelier! 🙂

    • Hopie!!! I owe you my life for giving me that dang book. Also, I need you to help my find an antique mirror at the Rusty so Ben can make a medicine cabinet for the new half bath. Holler at me if you see one around before Thursday! LOVE YOU!

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