#1,207 Bathroom Plan.

So we’re turning the big closet under the stairs into a half bath. Everyone’s saying “WHAT?! You’re going to lose all that storage!” Right, but it’s storage that’s not terribly useable since whatever you put at the back of the longest closet on earth can never be retrieved again without taking everything else out in front of it.

We’re going to keep shelving around the top and turn it into cabinets, and we’ll be building some shelving behind the toilet. I’m SO excited, I can barely stand it! Currently, when company comes over they have to use the master bath if they’re downstairs. I’m over that mess.

So after we went to work:

We  went to Lowe’s to start making some plans!

Since my parents have an old sink like this that we can have, I started looking at light fixtures and whatnot:

And I got busy on Pinterest, making an inspiration board:

It will, most likely, be all Dover White like the rest of our house… But I’ve been toying the the idea of wallpaper above the panel moulding though Ben tells me I’ll regret it. I’m just so ready to see it happen! And it’s going to be super inexpensive we feel pretty sure. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

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2 thoughts on “#1,207 Bathroom Plan.

  1. We (hahaha – I did nothing. My hubby did it all!) just remodeled our bathroom and it is amazing! So worth it! Looking forward to hearing how your remodel progresses!

    Oh, and your sink – jealous. Love it!

    • The sink is awesome, but it's going to have to be refinished so it's not entirely free but it's close enough! Can't wait to get started on this!

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