#1,204 Easter.

Easter feels like a Southern holiday. It revolves around Jesus, deviled eggs, flowers, dresses and bowties. You tell me a more Southern holiday and I’ll be ate for a tater.

 Photobombed by Byron.

Ben had a tweed suit custom made by this website called Make Your Own Jeans and it’s awesome! It costs the same as an off-the-rack suit from JCPenney, and you can choose any fabric you want tailor made to all your exact measurements. When you’re 6’6″ and 270 lbs., suits are difficult. So we’re BIG fans.

Afterward, my family came to our house for Easter lunch. I made the ham using Pioneer Woman’s glaze recipe (except we used Cheerwine instead of DP) and it was incredible. I highly recommend it. And it was easy!

The headline on the main newspaper for our city this morning was ‘Alleluia, He is risen!’ I love you, Mississippi.
Mama hit an accidental duck face mid-sentence.
And later in the afternoon, Ben’s family came over to watch the Duke game (they lost—March Madness is over finally!):
But I mostly hung out with Ellie.

She LOVES The Book of Beards I gave Ben for his birthday last year. She reads it everytime she comes to our house. She found the picture of Ryan Dunn and said, “Uncle Ben!”

And then for supper we all went to Ben’s grandparents in Collins where I had deja vu. The first time I met Sam we were standing in this exact spot in their grandparents’ kitchen and he had grown out a beard. He has one again and it felt like a time warp. Except the old feller didn’t have any gray whiskers in 2004.


Sunday, March 31st, 2013

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  1. I've been a long time reader but this is the first time I have commented 🙂 Just wanted to say that your home is beautiful and I would LOVE to see more of your front porch…especially with all of the potted plants! I live in the North where it is still freezing…the glimpse of your plants today brought me hope that Spring will be here soon!! Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Love seeing the signs of spring in the lower South. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival here in the mid-South (east TN).


  3. It can't take too much longer for the spring to spread north, can it? It's going to feel like full on summer here in another 2 weeks, so y'all don't be too jealous. I don't ever talk about how miserable hot it can get! 😉

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