#1,198 Birthday Cake.

My precious Mammaw is turning 90 years old on Wednesday. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have seen so many things in a lifetime. She had a massive stroke in 2008 that none of us thought she could possibly bounce back from, but she did. She’s so independent and lives alone, sweeps her porch and garage twice weekly, changes the guest bed linens and the table cloths even though overnight company isn’t coming imminently, and gets her hair done every Thursday. She’s kind of my hero and an excellent example of a genuine lady.

Since I knocked off work early, after hanging out with these dudes for a minute:

I went to the grocery store and bought some good looking strawberries (along with all my Easter lunch groceries—yikes) to make a strawberry cake for Mammaw’s early birthday surprise:
She gave me permission to give this much to mama and daddy:
But the rest is hers. “Leave it in the refrigerator, my girl.”


Monday, March 25th, 2013

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,198 Birthday Cake.

  1. Erin, i'm one of your anonymous followers that enjoys your blog more than you could possibly know…i've been checking in regularly for over a year now. Its usually the last thing i do each night. Your writing is simple, joyful, God-filled and consistent. Its like checking in on a happy little sister just beginning her new married life. Your love for each other simply reminds me to remember the best things of each day of God, marriage, farm life and motherhood. Tonight, i'm preparing my heart for a double mastectomy in two days– thanks for being there with another post to calm a worried and sleepless soul. all the best, lisa

  2. Oh Lisa, this means so much to me… I know you must be feeling incredibly anxious, and I'm so happy I could help you forget it for at least a minute. If you have time, I really really really hope you can get your hands on Streams in the Desert. It's the greatest book ever and will absolutely put your mind and heart at rest. I'll be praying for you, REALLY. I don't like when people say "I'll pray for you!" and it's just a platitude. I'm thinking of you today!

  3. What a beautiful lady and how sweet of you to bake a cake. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet Grammy.

    I love what you wrote about her – reminds me of my Mom. (who is 89) What an inspirational generation of great women! They truly paved the way for us and showed us how to be dignified, faithful, and loving.

  4. Right? And it's her attitude that always impresses me most. She's never down, even though she's got plenty to gripe about since the stroke left her with a limited vocabulary and a slower stride. I wish I could be that tough!

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