#1,194 Words.

So I write this blog every single day. Every. Single. Day. A lot of nights I’m tired and I don’t feel like using my brain for one more thing, to write the words. I wonder why I do it sometimes, why I don’t just make a journal or something to remember the best things by. But I know I wouldn’t hold myself accountable if I tried that, and knowing that you (whoever you are) might be reading along and keeping up makes me feel like I should do it. It’s like a plant that needs water every day or it will die altogether.

I have no idea who is reading this.

That’s sort of scary, isn’t it? I sometimes think, “maybe I should be more private. Maybe this isn’t the best thing to be sharing my life with the free world.” Blogger tells me I have 145 followers. Whatever that means. I think those are mostly people I know who ‘followed’ to make me feel good. Y’all are sweet people. I think my closest friends don’t read this blog, which is funny. They know how boring my life is in real time.

I feel utterly private, sitting at my craigslist desk writing about our days. It feels routine, like when I brush my feet off on the comforter before climbing in bed (another weird thing).

Ben is so comfortable in the public eye, meeting people, talking to strangers, trying new things. I’m happier when I’m just standing beside him listening, using God’s perfect ratio of 2 ears and 1 mouth. So it’s interesting that I write this blog, which to me feels like I’m just talking to myself and typing as I go.

And then out of the blue this afternoon, I got a letter. A facebook message, actually. From a guy who graduated from Ole Miss with me. We are acquaintances who spent a lot of time in the same building on the same campus several years ago. I recall that he was a sports guy, quiet, but friendly. We both write (I, here, him, professionally), and that’s mostly where our common ground ends. For whatever reason, on a boring afternoon at work, he clicked the link to my blog from a facebook status I posted. Out of boredom, he read that blog. And continued reading. He read about my life and all the mundane things in it. About our church and our house and our dogs and our marriage. Something in the words I wrote aligned with things he was worrying about in his life, his marriage, his relationship with God, and something I wrote sparked his family’s interest in finding a good church to call home, which they did. I cried when I read his letter. I was just so moved by what he wrote.

Reading that letter today, hearing that something on this blog changed someone’s life for the better is changing mine, too. I doubt he can understand how deeply it’s affected me today. I would love to know who’s out there reading this. I certainly never expected that he was. But that’s not important. It’s for me and my bad memory, to remember all the sweetest parts of our life together, and it’s for you, dear reader, who might need a reminder to find the sunshine in your own days.

And so I will keep on writing, even when there’s not much to say. I’m glad you’re here.


Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Daily Journal

22 thoughts on “#1,194 Words.

  1. It's fun to read about you and your beautiful husband and dogs! I am one of those who tunes in every now and then when my life slows down. Blogging daily is a HUGE accomplishment. I can only do it in fits and spurts.

  2. I am not really sure how I found you, but am really glad I did!

    Funny, I am much older, but you and I live a parallel life. I absolutely adore my guy, have the cutest dog, a faith that keeps me going even on the roughest of days and (not like you) — two girls that I love, like and are immensely proud of.

    Reading your blog makes me smile and gives me hope for humanity. You may believe it to be boring – not so! Refreshing, real, and honest – all good things for sure!


  3. I've blogged for work or fun for the last five years, but even at my job I was only doing it five days a week (and definitely only for the paycheck!). The fact that you've been able to keep this up, for fun, with no requirement to do so, for the last…well, 1,194 days is pretty incredible. *Really* incredible. And letters like the one you got are such an amazing payoff for it! Obviously, you touch more lives than you know here. And while I don't think anyone would begrudge your cutting back a bit, or missing a day here or there, I know we all hope you'll stick with it! 😉

  4. I am actually mutual friends with a close friend of yours and somehow stumbled upon your blog about a year ago. I have read it probably every day since. I enjoy the simplicity of your life, the amazing love you share with Ben and as crazy as it sounds I am CRAZY about your house, it is gorgeous!! 🙂

  5. Hello Erin! My name is Kristin and I'm 24 years old. I found your blog from hookedonhouses.net. I immediately loved your house and saw that you had a blog of your own. I too began reading your entries from the beginning and truly enjoyd reading all of them. You have touched my life in a special way and I look forward to reading your entries every week. I also feel close to God and when I've had some dark days, this blog has reminded me of what I need to stay focused on and remember to be thankful for. I have also thought about reaching out to you in the past and letting you know that I am one of your readers, but I guess now is the time to do just that. So thank you for your entries, they have been real and an inspiring read!

  6. Hi Erin. I read every day and look forward to your posts. I have some struggles in my personal life right now, and some days I just want to cry. But reading about your work, marriage, and faith reminds me that God wants us all to have those blessings. So thank you for sharing.

  7. I am an everyday reader. I do not "follow you", I click on your blog in my bookmarks and check in with you each and everyday. Just like most of the other commenters I enjoy reading about your love of home, church, dogs and Ben. I love how you look at and post about the good parts of your day. I am sure there are lots of days there are more bad than good, but we never hear about those. Your blog is my little piece of sunshine to start my day

  8. Erin,
    I found you from Hooked on Houses and I have been hooked on your blog ever since. I have a long list of "favorites" from my bookmarks, but your blog is one of the 2 or 3 I read every day. I love your house, the simple good you find in every day,and your charming southern town. I'm a little sad that I am just a 'stalker" and not a real-life friend.

    You never know what impact you have in people's lives. Things that we think are insignificant can be just what someone else needs at that particular time. What a lovely gift you received with that letter. I'm sure many of the people that made such an impact in my life never thought much about the "little" thing they did…it was only insignificant to them. To me, it was very important.

    You are doing what you are called to do- that is that very evident.


  9. Erin,

    I read your blog every day too! I was on staff a Lake Junaluska, and i am friends with Ben on Facebook; he posted a link to your blog one day a few years back, and i have had you bookmarked ever since! I absolutely love reading your blog, and love love LOVE that God is showing up in your blog! It is very evident you have a positive impact on lots of people – keep it up girl!

    Lauren aka "LC"
    lake j summer staff 09' 10' 11

  10. Oh wow, y'all… This means the world to me. I'm glad we can be friends this way, and I wish y'all would all speak up more so it's 2 sided!

    Shorty—I'm honestly surprised that you have the time. 🙂

  11. Erin,

    I too found your blog on Hooked on Houses and I was hooked! I look forward to hearing what is up in your world, which is so different than mine. I feel like I am getting a lesson on living in the South through you and hope to some day travel through your area.

    Even though you wouldn't recognize me on the street, I feel priviledged to share in your life. You are a blessing to me.


  12. I love your blog too Erin; I'm reading this from snowy Toronto and longing to be down South. I like reading it everyday because you make it worth it everyday. Cheers! Sarah

  13. I found your blog this past summer and since then it has been one of the few that I read every day. Even if it's just from my phone before I go to bed. Your approachable style of writing really invites people into a snippet of your life. I greatly admire your love of your home, dogs and husband.

    I live in Canada, but I've been lucky enough to travel through almost all the states on the Eastern side of the US. Reading about Laurel and other small towns in Mississippi has me wanting to add a little detour into our next road trip. For a Great White North girl, it's fun to hear how different and similar a Southern girl's life is.

  14. Hey Erin,
    I have to say I LOVE reading your blog everyday! I love it so much because I, too, am a graphic designer from Mississippi. I live in the quaint little town of Raymond and work from home doing freelance. I LOVE your style, I love your house and I wish I could meet you one day! You are the real deal! Thanks for taking time to post inspiring thoughts and words of positivity and happiness in your little corner of the world. It's a breath of fresh air.


  15. Can't believe how sweet y'all are! Thank you so so much for being friends! And I'll pray for you Canadians… I can't imagine how cold it must be still!

  16. Hi Erin,
    I can't remember how I found your blog, but for the last probably 9 months I try and check it each morning to see whats new. I have been so inspired by your writings and have strived to find the good in my days as well. I am inspired by your marriage, your faith and not to mention your amazing house and decorating! I also own a craftsman house and our decorating styles are very similar. I love old, worn pieces with a story behind them. I keep telling my friends that we need to go check out this adorable city of Laurel and all the great salvage shops nearby! I live in a small town outside of Pensacola, FL and love to visit the places you go too. Gulf Shores, New Orleans..etc. I think I even saw a post when you went to St. Augustine. Thats my favorite city EVER. One day I will live there. 🙂 Anywho-just wanted to let you know you have another "friend" who enjoys your little blog and looks forward to seeing what you have to say about life and love and small town living 🙂 -Sara H.

  17. Sara! Y'all should make the trip on a 3rd Thursday weekend! The monthly antiques flea market opens and we have live music. It's always the best weekend in Laurel! And you're super close when we visit my parents' place in Orange Beach. So jealous. We never get to go anymore. And St. Augustine is my absolute all-time favorite city too! Have you ever been to Wakulla Springs near Tallahassee?? Also wonderful!

  18. We will definitly plan a trip up there. Thanks for sharing about the flea market weekends! And my in-laws live about 10 minutes from Wakulla Springs!! We love it there too! The manatees and the beautiful clear water…good times! -Sara H.

  19. I honestly can't say how I found your blog – but so glad that I did. I so enjoy reading your daily accounts, when I get the chance! Something positive comes everytime I read it – especially from the name – Make something good today – a great motto for everyone! I can relate to you so well, even though we are worlds away for having things in common – the most common would be our love of God and our life!

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