#1,141 Preparing.

Remember that exciting news I mentioned Friday night? After my first meal in 24 hours, I spent as much of the day upright as I could tolerate after yesterday’s illness working on the new development at Lucky Luxe. I got so so much work done and I’m excited to tell you about it, but it’s got to wait until I fill Brooke in on all the details. So excited!

If any of you readers graduated from the art school at Ole Miss with me, this hint probably spells it out for you. Can you guess?


Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#1,141 Preparing.

  1. Anonymous sounds unbelievably creepy. I couldn't figure out how to simply write my name and was too impatient to create a google account. Blah blah blah.

    My name is Kaitlyn Moore and I've been a faithful reader from the beginning. You really should write a book about your lives!

    I was a theatre major and Sauce was friends with theatre kids at Ole Miss back in the day. Sauce Mott is not a name one easily forgets and when I saw Mott's applesauce … lucky guess I suppose???

    Keep on blogging! xo

  2. Kaitlyn! Well I know exactly who you are! Tinkerbell, duh! 🙂

    I'm flattered that you read. You have the world's cutest dog and a dang good photographer for a husband. Aren't y'all living in Hattiesburg?! We really should run into each other at Tabella sometime.

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