#1,099 Christmas Lazy.

For the last couple nights Jim and Mal have been coming over to our house—a changeup since they just finished their awesome living room remodel. They’ve basically been living in there since it’s been finished so we’ve been trying to lure them out to come back to our house around the corner every once in a while. Last night they came over because we had great intentions to watch a Christmas movie. Ben gave me a cold, I gave it to Mallorie and she gave it to Jim, and he took a swig of Nyquil before they came over. He fell asleep within 10 minutes and Mallorie followed close behind. Ben and I were still flipping through OnDemand debating the best movie. We looked over, they were sound asleep, so we turned off the TV and went to bed.

They were still there this morning.

Tonight we tried it again since the stormy weather cancelled the Living Nativity at church. This time, minus Nyquil plus roasted chicken and sweet potatoes followed by The Family Stone, a movie the guys don’t like but Mal and I do because of the gorgeous house.

Christmas is for laziness with your family is what I’ve decided in my 27th year of life. Just ask Baker.


Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Daily Journal