#1,080 Orange & Clove.

When I was little, our house was on the annual Holiday Tour of Homes. We’d just finished building it and it was still brand new. I was only about 8 years old. I have this memory of mama and I sticking cloves in oranges and placing them on a 3-tiered stand the night before the tour of homes. I loved holding them and smelling them, being very careful not to break the cloves. It was the most intoxicating Christmasy smell. I’ve thought about it every Christmas since, and wondered why we never did it again.

A few days ago I found whole cloves on the spice aisle while looking for vanilla bean paste and snatched them up. Tonight the house was so quiet and warm. Ben was looking at Christmas presents for his parents, the fire was going and the Charlie Brown Christmas album was playing in the next room and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do more than make the orange pomanders. Or whatever you want to call them.

So in case you’re interested, here’s how it works:

You buy a bag of navel oranges with thin peels. That’s the easiest. And you buy a little jar of whole cloves on the spice aisle.

Take a fork and deeply prick the orange in a straight line from top to bottom, then stick cloves in every other hole. Repeat making these lines on opposite sides of the orange, 3 times. Or really you can go nuts and make the holes wherever you please. It smells good just the same.

We couldn’t find the tiered stand she used so many years ago, but that’s okay. I think as long as they’re sitting out in a bowl they’ll be just as fragrant and lovely.

Also, I worked out the new layout for the Collection pages on the new Lucky Luxe website. I am jumping out of my skin excited to see it all finished!

I hope you’ll visit it when it’s ready!


Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,080 Orange & Clove.

  1. Gosh, I haven't made those in years either! I like the trick of piercing the orange with a fork first. My fingers were always so sore after trying to put those cloves in. I live in the south too and think that is a southern style Christmas decoration. It looks good mixed with greenery too.

  2. I do this too, but didn't know the fork piercing trick – thank you! This is an easy and inexpensive way to not only have a festive decoration, but a lovely scented one as well.

  3. We always made cloved oranges when I was growing up and I just made them again for the first time last year. I love the trick with the fork, great idea! I enjoy thinking up new designs to do, but it always kills my finger tips. It's definitely worth it in the end though, to have that amazing combination of citrus and spice fill the house. It just smells like Christmastime!

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