#108 My first country bike ride.

After church this morning, my mama invited us to come have lunch with everyone at their house so we decided to make it a little of a challenge. Now remember — I haven’t gotten off my butt and done any real exercise in over a year until we got these bikes last week, so this is a big deal in my world. We climbed on our bikes and made the journey from downtown to my parents’ house out in the country. That’s 7 miles of scary curves, hills, dogs and cars. Whew!
Ben made sure I stayed in front of him because he’s much better at turning his head back to watch for cars coming up behind us (I’d turn back and get clotheslined by a mailbox with my luck). When he’d spot one getting close I could never hear it but he would yell for me to “get on the shoulder, love!” then I would just freeze until I’d hear him say “You’re okay! Go!” It’s so good to have someone who’s always watching you and keeping you safe from oncoming traffic. Oh, love.
When we rolled into the driveway, I had a really swelling feeling of accomplishment and I wasn’t even tired from the ride. However… My allergies attacked tenfold for the first time this season so I am laying off the country bike rides until the pollen is gone for good.


Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#108 My first country bike ride.

  1. Sounds so exciting, definitely wish hubz and I had bikes to roll around on! All our pals in our neighborhood have them, I think it would be a great investment. I've always wanted a vintage-style Schwinn or Electra! Good for you though, a 7 mile ride sounds lovely… and it sounds like good exercise too!

  2. Jess, good to meet you! I definitely recommend you make that investment. I bought the best Schwinn they had at Wal-Mart and we've ridden every single day for a little over a week. It's addictive!

    Brad — y'all just stop by and ring the doorbell sometime. We'd like that!

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